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Button-Honor Roll

Barksdale AFB Memories

2nd Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron

Squadron History


Time Line


Jan 1961               Assigned to 4238th A&E as GAM Branch    

1 Nov 1962            4238th AMMS activated

1962                      1st Commander: Capt. Robert Gillespie

1 Apr 1963             4238th Deactivated   

1 Apr 1963             2nd AMMS Activated

20 Jul 1975            2nd AMMS Deactivated

Note: The 2nd AMMS had the only double squadron of missiles from 1968-1975.




2nd AMMS Commanders


Gillespie, Robert   Capt.
Malone, L.L   Lt. Col.
Luke, Miles K   Lt. Col.
Tulloh, Clifton   Lt. Col.
Rowden, Ted W  Col.


Leaders Remain Leaders For Life

Lt Col Luke

90-Year-Old Set Out On 90-Mile Bike Expedition

Miles Luke: “I get bored is I stay in one place”

Miles Luke celebrated his 90th birthday by setting out on a 90-mile bike ride.  Three generations of Lukes joined him for portions to the ride from Monroe, Louisiana through Oak Ridge, Mer Rouge, Bastrop and back to Monroe.  Following his Air Force career, which include assignments as the commander of the Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadrons at Homestead and Barksdale Air Force Bases he worked in State Economic Development. He has also been actively involved in national senior organizations and along with other citizens developed the bike route in Monroe.  He was the selected as Louisiana’s Senior Olympian 17 years ago and is still winning gold medals at he Senior Olympics.  Way to go Miles, you are an example for all of us.


Courtesy of: Jim Ferstl

1964 - The klaxon had sounded at Barksdale and the flight crew is on the way to lite the birds.
(note the guard dog trying to get at the crew)

A Little Older and a Little Smarter

Bob Guillory at the National Atomic Museum
in New Mexico. Sep 2000



What a few years did to Bob Guillory


Your 2nd AMMS Hard at Work

Robert Kileen with the Training NCO

Production Control

Missile Checkout Time

Who is this guy in C S?

Are they working of just goofing off?

Lt Col Mile K. Luke

Harry Carman on the left talking shop

A couple of Guidance Shop troops, McFayden back ?, and McGill center

Anayzing the data

Sgt Turk giving guidance to Jim Pippen

Jim Davis and John Blimm

Sgt Turk, Anthoney Romero and John Pullen

Looks like Green and Mickle are pretending to read the T.O.  Courtesy of: Ralph Mickle Jr

The Troops of MMS Who Kept the Quail Alive
After the Demise of AMMS


Bernie Cate kneeling in the center with Leland James to the right of him I need help with the rest of the names..  Note: Ralph Mickle's Son, Ralph Jr was kind enough to send in a couple of photos

2nd AMMS Hound Dogs Assigned In 1975

60-5578  60-5587  61-2223  61-2224  61-2243  61-2245  61-2246  61-2249 

61-2276  61-2283  61-2317  61-2318  61-2319  61-2324  62-0035  62-0037

62-0044  62-0045  62-0056  62-0061  62-0062  62-0073  62-0074  62-0075

62-0083  62-0084  62-0087  62-0107  62-0118  62-0120  62-0122  62-0127

62-0158  62-0166  62-0172  62-0191

2nd AMMS Troops Past & Present

Send me a copies of your photographs for inclusion in these photo galleries.  Click Here!


2nd  AMMS Personnel Roster


NOTICE: The following format will be used on all  future updates to the website:  Last name, first name, middle initial , address, telephone number, email address (with a link to contact you), bases assigned to along with dates.  Individuals that are deceased will have a gold star placed in front of their names.  If there is any information that you do not want published with your listing, please indicate that when you submit your updates.

Adams,Brenton K --------- Albany KY
Adams,Edgar E
1-star Allen, C.D.--------Deceased
Ankerbrand,George W
Ashford, Everett J
Baker,Gerald W-----------Little Rock AR
1-star Balint, Robert M. - Deceased
Barron,Glynn D-----------Bossier City LA
Baumker, Thomas W-----------Box Elder, SD
Bell, Richard------Little Rock, AR
Bender, Ronald, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (65-67), Dow AFB (67-68)
Berkholtz, Wallace W., P.O. Box 326, Wellsville, UT 84339, Phone: (435)245-9112, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe (61-66), Barksdale (66-69), Ellsworth (73-74)
Beyler, Steven C-----------Palos  IL
Blakley,Emmett-----------Mesa AZ
Blinn,John J
Boehm, Stephen J., 2326 Whited Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15226, Phone: (412) 571- 2376, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (65-68)
1-star Boring, Robert W. - Deceased
Boudreau, Norman S ------- Bernhards Bay, NY
r, Ronald A., 4914 W Wrightwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60639, Phone: (773)237-2155, Email:
Bowers,Sam, 1410 La Don Dr, Bossier City, LA  71111, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (68-75)
Bradford, H.R., Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (62-63), Mather AFB (63-66), Loring AFB (66-68)
Brock, William A----------Marshall TX
Brown, Otis,  78 Piedmont Dr., Palm Coast,FL 32164, Phone: (386) 313-5313, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-65), Robins AFB (65-70), Barksdale AFB (70-74)
Burbick, Clarence P (FTD Instructor, 312th FTD) ----------Port Angeles, WA
Burton, Donald G., 697 Ridges Mountain Road, Asheboro, NC 27205, Phone: (336) 964-6146, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (69-71)
Butinski,Victor H----------Houston TX
Cain, Patrick J., 3136 Red Brick Ct, Maineville, OH 45039, Phone: (513) 683-4862, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (60-66)
Caldera, Frank, 3736 Co. Rd. #130, Killen,  AL 35645, Phone: (256) 757-5755, Email: , Squadrons: Clinton Sherman AFB, (60-62), Wright Patterson AFB, (62-67), Barksdale AFB (67-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70-79)
1-star Carlyle, Edwin D---------Deceased
1-star Carpenter, Gilbert-----------Deceased
Baumker, Thomas W., 356 Freude Lane, Box Elder, SD 57719, Phone: (605) 791-4155, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (63-66), Barksdale AFB (68-75)
Cate, Bernie -------- Bossier City LA
Cekot, Ronald N., 110 Rose Coral Drive, Panama City Beach, FL 32408, Phone: (850) 234-3344, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (62-65), Barksdale AFB (65-72)
Chancey Jr., Hugh Dorsey, Folkston, GA, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale, AFB
Cole,Lawrence-----------Paola KS
Collison,Duane I
Combs,Freddie E
Combs, Shane D.-----------San Diego CA
Conn, Jim, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Copley,Donald-----------Spokane WA
Cotner, John F.----------Mansfield, AR
Cowell, Leon D., 715 N Owalla Ave, Claremore, OK 74017, Phone: (918) 638-3413, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB, Ramey AFB, Barksdale AFB
1-star Crim, Robert----------Deceased
Curran, Lawrence L., 581 Sherman St, conto Falls, WI 54154, Travis AFB (60-54), Phone: (920) 227-7985, Email:, Squadrons: Travis AFB (60-64), K. I. Sawyer AFB (64-68), Barksdale AFB (68-71)
Davis,Jon R
Davis, Robert D ------- Fort Worth TX
Denison, Arthur J., 110 Mt. View Dr. S, Ashford, WA, Phone: (360) 569-8805, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB, Wright Patterson AFB, Barksdale AFB
Didier, Wayne C.-----------Diamondhead, MS
Diehl,Barry----------Cool CA
Dorsey, Bruce E., 8388 N 67th East Ave., Owasso, OK 74055, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (69-73), Ellsworth AFB (73-78)

Doughty,Edward B-----------Kiss FL
Douglas,Jack H-----------Orlando FL
Dove,Leo-----------Washington Grove MD
Ducharme,Dutch--------Bossier City LA
Duchemin,Karl----------San Antonio TX
Duren, Charles, 365 Skyland Dr., Gordo AL 35466, Phone: (205) 364-8716, Email:, Squadron: Barkesdale AFB (59-65)
East, Charlie R-----------Bossier City, LA
Edmonds,James D
1-star Eskridge,Graham Ray - Deceased
Evans,Charles-----------Bossier City LA
Fears,James J
Feragne,Eugene A-----------Milbrook AL
Fincher,Robert-----------Haughton LA
Fogerty, - Chanute AFB (62-63), Barksdale AFB (64-65)
Ford, Charles L., 310 West Wetz St., Marion, TX 78124, Phone: (830) 914-2116, Email: CHIEFORD@AOL.COM, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (61-67), Mather AFB (67-70)
Franchek,Michael A----------St Johnsbury VT
Frank,David----------Joshua TX
Frederickson,Gary B
Fuller,Donald V----------Paragould AR
Galbreath, David Ray------Frankston, TX
1-star Galloway, Herman W.-----------Deceased
Garrett, Arthur H., Shreveport, LA
Georgen, Mike -----------St. Louis, MO
Giere,George W.-----------Security CO
1-star Gillespie, Robert W----------Deceased
Gillham, Rex L.--------Haughton, LA
1-star Green, Charles T. - Deceased
Green,Robert D
1-star Greer, Kenneth - Deceased
1-star Griffin, James W----------Deceased
Grim,Robert R
Guillory, Robert J (Bob), 2119 Morton League Road, Richmond, TX 77406, Phone: (713) 478-7105, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (64-67)
Haines, Larry----------Mountain Home AR
Hall,Edward B-----------Saint Pauls NC
Hansen,Kenneth J
Harris,Charles E
Harris,Jerry B
Harrison, Hiley David, 1306 N Rickey Rd, Shawnee, OK 74801, Phone: (405) 642-6016, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (73-75)
1-star Hatton, David L -Deceased
Hayes,Travis D-----------Bossier City LA
Helms,Wiley E.----------Norwood NC
1-star Hernandez, Daniel M----------Deceased
Hettervik, Randall L. , 7554 Independence Rd, Millington, TN.  38053, Phone: (901) 876-4142, Barksdale AFB (73-76)
Hickey, James W., 294 Ashepoo Creek Dr., Myrtle Beach, SC 29579, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB (61-66), Robins AFB (66-70), Recruiting Duty Chattanooga TN (70-74),  Barksdale AFB (74-78)
Hobby Sr., Glen T. , 7713 Gibbs Road, Corryton, TN 37721, Phone: (865) 686-7873, Email:, Eglin AFB, Blytheville AFB, Barksdale AFB, Wurtsmith AFB
Hoff, William V.----------Plano, TX
Holyoke,Lawrence W
Hoots, George E., 883 Twin Lakes Dr., Sumter, SC 29154, Phone: (803) 481-7961, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (74- 75)
Horne,Robert-----------Bossier City LA
Hudson,Thomas W-----------Bossier City LA
Huffman, Charles L., Shreveport, LA
Hull,Russell L----------Burlington IA
Hunt,Lee A
Irons,Gerald P-----------San Juan PR
Jackson, Bill, Email:, Squadron Barksdale AFB
1-star James, Leland--------Deceased
Jenkinson, Benjamin R. -----------Conway SC
Jett,Richard F
Johnson,Milton--------Haughton LA
Johnson,Wayne L
1-star Jones, Brian E------Deceased
Jones,Donald C
1-star Keim, Donald--------Deceased
Keller,James N-----------Haughton LA
Kendrew, Don----------West Jordan, UT
Kerwood, James R., 44 Hemlock Dr. NW, Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548, Phone:(850) 533-7545, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (59-65), Kincheloe AFB (65-69), Barksdale AFB (69-71), Barksdale AFB (74-75)
Kilburn, Jim --------Tampa, FL
1-star King, Dennis P-----------Deceased
Kirkendall,Clarence----------Haughton LA
1-star Kook, Donald D-----------Deceased
Krieger, Benny Jack, 133 Village Path, Castroville, TX 78009, Phone: (830) 931-3146, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (69-70), Blytheville AFB (70-71), Mather AFB (71-75)
Lambert,Horace J----------Lake Charles LA
Landers,John E-----------Haughton LA
Landoe,Richard A-----------Spencer IA
Lane,Paul------------Ashland IL
Lawson,Franklin O
Lawson,Harvey-----------Bossier City LA
LeCates, Charles (Burt), Address: PO Box 412, Piedmont, SD 57769, Phone:(605) 787-4709, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB (60-67), Barksdale AFB (67-71), KI Sawyer AFB (71-74)
Ledoux,Richard E----------Odessa FL
Lossner, Thomas A.
Luke, Miles K., Monroe, LA, Email:
Lyon,Dennis R-----------Layton UT
Malcom,Donald R-----------Sheldon MO
1-star Malone, Lawrence L. - Deceased
Mangnall Sr., Lloyd, 1353 S Cathay St., Aurora, CO, Phone: (303) 743-8139, Email:, Barksdale AFB (64-68)
Marney,John-----------Salina OK
Marler, jerry L -------- Bossier City LA
Marshall,Richard A
1-star Martin, James F. -----Deceased
Mastrilli, Frank, 5538 E. Hermans Rd., Tucson AZ. 85756, Phone: (520)574-3446, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB (63-66), Offutt AFB (66-71), Barksdale AFB (71-72)
Mattis,Carter H.-----------Bossier City LA
McCarthy,John J
Mc Daniel, Jerry W., Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (61-64)
McGill,Thomas L
1-star McGinty, Leonard T-----------Deceased
McIver,Michael E
McMillan, Vernon E., 13623 East 54th Drive, Yuma, Arizona 85367, Phone: (928) 920-2529, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (67-69), Barksdale AFB (69-70), Beale AFB (70-74)
Mellette,Thomas P
Melton,William Harris----------Roxboro NC
Menafra,Robert --------- Manchester NH
1-star Mickle, Ralph---------Deceased
Mireles, Esequiel (Zeke), Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
1-star Mitchell, Medford-----------Deceased
Mohler, Robert M., 8378 Stone Creek Ridge Road,  Huntingdon, PA 16652, Phone: (814) 643-0564, Email:, Squadron:  Travis AFB (67-68), Grand Forks AFB (70-72), Barksdale AFB (72-74)
Monhollen,Shelby-----------Beavercreek OH
Murdock,Leland J
Nakamura,F.A. 2nd Lt
Nash,Jerry W
Newton,Bernard G
Nixon,Roy D
Oakman, John D., Address: 269 Jim Clark Rd, New Haven, KY 40051, Phone: (502) 510-6632, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (66-68)
Ortyl, Gregory L-----------St. Louis MO
Osborne,Edward J
Owen,David S-----------Bonaire GA
Page, Robert W., Address: 9167 Bay Point Drive, CityStateZip: Orlando Florida 32819, Phone: (407) 876-5385, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (71-73),<  Kincheloe AFB (73-75)
Palumbo, Ronald C., 10011 Huntington Way Dr., Houston, TX 77099, Phone: (281) 405-7902, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (60-63)
Pankow,Robert E----------Auburn WA
Peters, Edgar J A-------Fort Walton Beach, FL
Petty,Teddy V
Pierpont,Cortlandt G
1-star Pippin, Jimmie M. - Deceased
Platt,William----------Oklahoma City OK
Polo,George A
Postel,Charles----------- Bossier City LA
Price, Lowell L., 765 Couchwood Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71901, Phone: (501) 262-0089, Email:,
Squadrons: Barksdale AFB (61-64), Chanute AFB (64-68), Barksdale AFB FTD (68-74), Barksdale AFB (74-75)
Puckett, Lee D., 1321 Cedarcliff Dr., Beavercreek, OH 45434, Phone: (937) 429-3243, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (65-69)
Pullen,John W
Reyman, Ronald, L., Address: 1908 Plotz Rd NW, CityStateZip: Swisher, IA 52338, Phone: (319) 857-4108, Email:, Squadron: Altus AFB (67-68), Barksdale AFB (68-70
Reynolds,Raymond P
Robbins,John-----------Parkdale OR
Robert,Kenneth L----------Leeds ME
Roberts, Robert S. Jr., 448 Parkhouse Ct., Marco Is., FL 34145, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (69-72)
Rockovich, Robert F., 15657 SW 17th Terrace, Ocala, FL 34473, Phone: (352) 347-0763, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (62-65)
1-star Rogers, Richard W--------Deceased
Rollo,Alan-----------Great Falls MT
Ross,William E----------Castroville TX
Rowden,Ted W Col
Sechrengost,Walter-----------Rock Hill SC
Shelby,Michael---------Texarkana TX
Shoemake, Marvin D., 2304 Arlington Pl, Bossier City LA 71111, Phone: (318) 746-1884, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Siedlecki, Walter A., Address: 113 Martha Dr, CityStateZip: Haughton LA 71037-8840, Phone: +1 (318) 949-0381, Email:, Squadron: Turner AFB (62-67), Altus AFB (67-68), Chanute AFB (Instructor), Barksdale AFB (75-77)
Slaughter,Henry L
Smith,Bobby C----------Houston MS
1-star Smith, Carlos D.-------Deceased
Smith, Willard (Bill)----Navarre, FL
Sohn, Gary L., PO Box 686, Lafayette, Oregon 97127, Phone: (593) 864-3909, Email:, Squadron: Altus AFB (64-67), Barksdale AFB (67-72), Beale AFB (72-76)
Soldner,Leo O-----------The Villages FL
Sprunger, Steve, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Stacey,Morris R
Stallings,B.G.--------Memphis TN
Staton,James D------------Waldorf MD
Stone,James G
Studer,Ronald----------Alta Loma CA
Summers,David L
Swan,Virgil W
Tafolla, Joe, Schertz,TX, Email: , Grand Forks AFB (61-64), Mather AFB (64-67), Ramey AFB (67-70),  Minot AFB (70-71), Barksdale AFB (72-75)
Takats, Johnny-----------Seaboville TX
Taylor, Frank W
Terry, James
Thoden, Avery
Thorne, Richard D., 260 CR 466A, DeLeon, TX, 76444, Phone: (254) 893-3735, Email:, Squadron: Wright-Patterson AFB (60-63), Barksdale AFB (63-67)
Thompson, Albert R.------Mine Hill, NJ
Tolbert, James T., 4870 Larry Ln, Blanchard, LA, Phone: (318) 929-9098, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (61-66), Homestead AFB (67-68),  Wright Patterson AFB (68-72), Barksdale AFB (72-76)
Townes, Vernon, A., P.O. Box 864, Bridgeport,TX 76426, Phone: (940) 577-1281, Email:, Squadron: Chanute (1973) Barksdale (73-75)
Trayler, M.T.
1-star Tulloh, Clifton C ----------Deceased
Turk, Robert S
Tuttle, James W
Urdahl, Robert L
Urgahl, R.
1-star Vines, Carlson B--------Deceased
Voss,Robert W----------Aledo TX
Wages Fred P., 4256 Shadow Wood Ln, Winter Haven, FL 33880, Phone: (863) 299-8094, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (61-67),  Homestaed AFB (67-68), Wright Patterson AFB (68-72),Robins AFB (72-74), Barksdale AFB (74-76)
Walker,Billy G
Walker,Robert E------------Lumberton TX
Wallace, Richard V ---------El Paso TX
Wareing, John L., Tucson, Arizona 85716, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (63-66)
Weathers, John R., 606 Daisy Lane, New Albany, IN 47150, Phone: +1 (502) 741-1318, Email: J.WEATHERS@INSIGHTBB.COM,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (73-76)
Webb,Winston S (Skip)-----------Clearwater FL
Wells, Stephen K., 3009 Regent P Circle, Birmingham, AL 35242, Phone: (205) 542-8713, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (67-70)
Westrack, Gary M.,  17200 W. Bell Rd. Lot 9, Surprise, AZ 85374, Phone: (623) 546-3301, Squardron: Wright Patterson AFB (60-64), McCoy AFB (64-67), Altus AFB (67-68)
Whittington,Glen H --------- Rockbridge OH
Widhalm,Donald G-----------Winter Park FL
Wilkie, Gordon W., 707 Denbigh Chase, Kennett Square, PA 19348, Phone: (610) 761-1632, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (64-67)
Wilkins, Lawrence----Ishpeming, MI
1-star Zeuch, Ronald L. - Deceased



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