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Button-Honor Roll

Mather AFB Memories

320th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron


Squadron History

Time Line                         Factoid

1 Nov 1962             4134th AMMS Activated

1 Feb 1963             4134th AMMS Deactivated

1 Feb 1963             320th AMMS Activated

30 Sep 1975           320th AMMS Deactivated





Maintenance Supervisor ~ 1st Lt F.W. Sanders
Our Commander 1963 ~ Lt Col J.E. Silger
Maintenance Superintendent ~ CMSgt H.C. Gay

The 320th AMMS in Action

AGE Inspection and Repair
L-R, C.Stewart, & Unknowns.
Lt Col Silger and 1st Sgt Costello
C2-47M Check In Progress
L-R, Richard Tonski,
Michael White, and
Robert Brauner
Engine Inspection
E.E. Kroner with NA Rep
Flight Line Troops
L-R,Richard Tonski, Robert Brauner,Michael White


Missile Control at Work

L-R,Alex Rodriguez,
J.P. Collins and C.E. Brown.


Rock and Roll
Harry Wyant sitting on the Dog.
NCOIC Combined System
Howard Revie
Photos provided by
Harry Wyant.
Supply Room
L-R, Morton Koler, J. Nolan and D.E. McQuillen.



Old Mather Hound Dog Song

The following song was sung (to the tune of “Here We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder”) by the Mather troops at the beer busts at the Combined Systems during the warm California evenings in 1964-1965.  

    Here we go
    Out to the big SAC flightline
    Driving fast
    On our Clark tugs!
    Here we are
    Out at the gleaming aircraft
    Happy smiles
    On our bright mugs!
    Uploading Hound Dog missiles
    Load 'em back down!
    We load
    And store!
    And nuthin' can stop the GAM troops now!
    ('cept the women!)
    Nuthin' can stop the GAM troops now!!!!!!

Contributed by Dennis C. Schneider

Hound Dog Tribute

We cared for her and babied her
And kept her “in the pink”,
But now our noble Hound Dog
Has thus become extinct.

We shined her up when she was new
Our little baby dear,
And watched her still, stay just the same
From year to year to year.

We know her every nut and bolt
Her panels and her wings,
From probe to tail, from in to out
Yes, we know all those things.

When guidance didn’t go just right
We’d run her through again,
And check her out, though day or night
We thought it’d never end.

Check for leaks and check for squeaks
And check for pressure, too.
Make sure her gyro’s set just right
Then calibrate anew.

We watched the numbers dashing by
Our eyes glued to the console,
Flipped the switch, and watched the light
But still we got a “no-go.”

Sometimes she’s up, sometimes she’s down
Sometimes ‘twas just our eyes,
But when she kept us working late
Then her, we did despise.

We’d face her morning, noon and night
In rain or shine or snow,
From coast to coast, and north to south
Where she was, we did go.

Though she was good, and she was kind
She did not keep the pace,
So now we lay her down to rest
For she has been replaced

Good-by, Hound Dog, we wish you well
Our thoughts of you won’t die,
We’ve put you out to pasture
In that hangar in the sky.

©1975   Chris Bare,
Wife of David Bare, MSgt. Ret. USAF

320th AMMS Facilities Today

320th AMMS Troops Past & Present

Send me a recent photograph of yourself to be included in this photo gallery.  Click Here!

Anderson, Jarvis G --------- Rancho Murieta CA
Ashley, Morris W
Atkinson, Richard F --------- Cheyenne WY
Austin, Ernest L
Babish, Greg
Baltar, Bernie-----------Mt Shasta CA
Bare, David C. ----------- Wheatland CA
Bean, Dan ---------West Frankfort, IL
Bell, Dave
Bidwell, Thomas D
Blanchard, Elton L.------------ Conroe, TX
1-star Bolhoefer, Phillip K.- Deceased
Bradford, H.R., Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (62-63), Mather AFB (63-66), Loring AFB (66-68)
1-star Brahosky, John C-----------Deceased
Brauner, Robert F., Address: 660 W. Via Rosaldo, Green Valley, AZ 85614, Phone: (520) 399 3352, Email:, Dow AFB, Mather AFB, Ramey AFB (66-69), Great Falls AFB
Breckel, Carl --------- Herford AZ
1-star Brees, Richard ---------- Deceased
1-star Bremer, Donald L. --------- Deceased
Brooks, Homer E
Bruce,James E
Bush,David I
1-star Bustos, Emilio -------- Deceased
1-star Carlyle, Edwin D --------- Deceased
Carrier,Maurice J.L.-----------Spokane WA
1-star Chaney, Alfred D. - Deceased
Chikami,Akira B-----------Winter Park FL
Clavette,Donald L -------- Salisbury Center NY
Clyburn,Robert  E --------- Lebanon OH
Cohen,William H
Condon, Noel ---------- Carmichael CA
Conway, Philip L., Haslo Mill Rd, Greenville AL, Phone: (325) 555-1234, Squadron: Mather AFB
Cool,Donald R --------- Vacaville CA
1-star Crane, William H. - Deceased
Crouch, Ronald V., 2263 Tanglewood Lane, Emmett, Idaho 83617, Phone: (208) 484-4464, Email:, Squadron: Fairchild AFB (67-70); TDY Anderson AFB (67), Mather AFB (69)
Crowder, Russell E ---------- Woodland CA
Cunningham, John S.-----------Azle, TX
Curran,William J
Currie, Larry, 425 E. 10th Street, Anniston, AL 36207, Phone: (256) 237-5911, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB (66-68), Mather AFB (68-72)
1-star Curry, Jimmy D.----------- Deceased
Delgado,Ignacio-----------Los Angeles CA
Dixon,Dickie W
1-star Drinon, Lawrence J. ----------Deceased
Duke,Michael J
Engeldinger, Paul R., 9420 Project Rd So,  Burlington,ND,  58722,  (701) 852-6956,  Email:, Sqadron: Minot AFB (69-74), Mather AFB (74-75)
Eyre, David R-------Council Bluff, IA
Faulkner,Lawrence B
Fields, William F ----------- Denver CO
Fitzpatrick, Dennis M., 9 Clam Cove Drive, Rockport, ME 04856, Phone: (207) 593-9161, Email:, Squadron: Blytheville AFB (65-66), Mather AFB (66-70), Griffiss AFB (70-72)
Fleming, Henry, 5656 Kingswood Dr., Citrus Heights, CA 95610, Phone: (916) 966-2907, Email: , Squadron: Mather AFB (60-63)
Ford, Charles, 310 West Wetz St., Marion, TX 78124, Phone: (830) 914-2216 Cell: (210) 415-3378, Email:, Squadron:  Barksdale AFB (61-67), Mather AFB (67-70)
1-star Fox,Marvin E. - Deceased
1-star Frauen, John ---------- Deceased
Freedman, Phillip --------- Hayden ID
Freuler, Robert C.------Tigard, OR
Fyfee,Donald L
Gaertig, Michael E -------- Lompoc CA
Garland,Donald R
Glisson, Miley A.  (Tony) ----Pineville, LA
Grant, Gerald “Gerry”----Lobbock,  TX
Graybeal,William D
Griffith, Karl T., 225 Park Charles Blvd. N., St. Peters, MO 63376, Phone: (636) 928-2275, Email:, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB (69-70), Ramey AFB (70-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-74), Mather AFB (74-75 SRAM)
Grossen, Clarence L., Rio Rancho, NM, Phone:N/A, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (69-75)
Hackmeister, Gaylord
Hadeen,Norman K --------- Aurora CO
Hall,Gerald J
Hamilton, Larry
Hara, Gil. N., Address: Orosi, CA, Phone: (559) 591-7369, Squadron: Mather AFB
Hardy,Leslie-----------Colorado Springs CO
Hartsell, Earl K-----------Deceased
Hatin, Roger E.----------Incline Village, NV
1-star Haughey, Joseph J. --------- Deceased
Helms,Jack R --------- Sacramento CA
Henscheid,James W. ------------ Placerville CA
Hermansen, Hartley K., 10623 Lambrusca Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Phone: (916) 635-1850, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (60-62), Beale AFB (62-67), Robins AFB (67-70), Minot AFB (70-75), Mather AFB (75-78)
Hite, Stephen K ---------- Ajajic, Mexico
Hockey,Billy B
Hoeven, Terry R., 1613 Overcup Lane, Keller, TX 76248, Phone: (817) 577-5244, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (73-75)
Hogan,Christopher W.
Holmes, Henry, J., Address: 5601 W. West Wind Drive, Glendale, AZ 85310, Phone: +1(623) 780-3294, Email:,  Squadron: Mather AFB (74-75)
Hosler,John-----------Cameron Park CA
Hunt,Clifton L-----------Antelope CA
Ingrim,Henry L
Jarm,Ronald F -------- Roswell NM
Jelke,David-----------LaPorte IN
Jenkins, James D.-----------Bonaire, GA
Joines,Forrest L
Kades,Don E
Kann, David K ---------- Vineyard Haven MA
1-star Keesey, Phillip R. - Deceased
Klarmann, Richard D ------ Burlington NJ
Koler,Morton R
Krieger, Benny Jack, 133 Village Path, Castroville, TX 78009, Phone: (830) 931-3146, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (69-70), Blytheville AFB (70-71), Mather AFB (71-75)
Kroner, Ervin E----------Elk Grove, CA
1-star Lampton, Harold E --------- Deceased
Landy, John F.
Leale, Thomas J
Ledoux,Richard E ----------- Odessa FL
Leeth, Fredrick ------ Espanola WA
Leighton, Henry C
Leonhart, Duane M., 1777 Ahart St., Simi Valley, CA 93065, Phone: (805) 527-1331, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (74-75), March AFB (75-77), Grissom AFB (77-78)
1-star Lerwell, Joral P. - Deceased
Longmore, Morley W., 6412 Amanda Michelle Lane, North Las Vegas, NV 89086, Phone: (530) 263-7981, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (69-73)
Lopez,Reyes ---------- Pueblo CO
Lorden,James D
Lutz, John, R., Address: 3469 Dakota St, CityStateZip: Atwater, California 95301, Phone: 209-358-6705, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (54-61 & 70-74); Wright-Patterson AFB, (61-67), Mather AFB (67-68)
Lyons,Daniel D
Mannino, Sal R-------- Surprise, AZ
1-star Mansell, Donald L -------- Deceased
Martin,Edward C
McClure, Lawrence F----------- Columbia SC
McDonald, Bruce, A., Address: 2930 Portage Rd, CityStateZip: Niles, MI, 49120, Phone: (574) 307-0934, Email: brucemcdonald2008@Comcast.Net, Squadron: Mather AFB (65-67)
1-star McDonald, Willis A --------- Deceased
McElroy,Everett L
McElroy, Peter E., 20 Crosby Lane, Londonderry NH 03053, Phone: (603) 437-6779, Email:,  Squadron: Mather AFB
McIntosh,Michael A
McKellip,Marvin O
McKown,James H
Melton,Linton W
Mitrano, Joe ------Mather AFB
1-star Montroy, Brad - Deceased
Moore,James A
Moreno, Alejandro -------- El Cerrito CA
Morgan,Bennie K
Morrison,James A
Mosher, Larry
Moss, Charles W
1-star Mullineaux, Donald A.-----------Deceased
Murray J.D., Owen L., 2825 Concord Blvd., Concord, CA 94519, Phone: (925) 798-2555, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (61-64)
Nagel,Neil J
Nelson, David O ------- Bloomer WI
1-star O’Conners, John - Deceased
O’Donnell, Tom ------Hurricane, UT
Oppelt,John A --------- Centralia WA
Orlando, Richard A
Parker, Stewart H. -----Quinton, VA
Parkman,David F
Paro,Thomas D
Parrill,Virgil T
Passmore, Tim --------- Agenda KS
Paulos,Arthur A
Pearson,Wesley D
Percy (Pieczynski), Wendy S.----Valrico, FL
1-star Powell, Don - Deceased
Powell, W. E., Squadron: Mather AFB
Price, Albert R., 205 N. Smith St., New Carlisle, OH 45344, Phone: (937)272-9871, Email:,  Squadron: Fairchild AFB (71-72), Robins AFB (72-76), Seymour Johnson AFB (76-78), Mather AFB (78-83)
Pruitt,Earl, 1603 Quail Run, Muskogee, OK 74403, Phone: (918) 577-7809, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB, Mather AFB, Ramey AFB, Beale AFB, Malmstrom AFB
Pulliam, Jr Claude C, 9303 Smoke Hollow Rd, Kernersville NC 27284, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (61-64)
1-star Quintana,J oseph R-----------Deceased
Ray,Earl A
Redd, William E., 4180 Polaris Ave., Lompoc, CA 93436, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (65), Griffiss AFB (65-68),Loring AFB (70), Mather AFB (70-74)
Reece, William M Jr
Reed,Allen E ------- Austin TX
Reed, Allen K ----------- Windsor Locks CT
Reinert, Lester L., 2806 E Perkins Rd, Urbana, IL 61802-3374, Phone: (217) 493-4360, Email:, Squadron: Chanute AFB (59-65), Mather AFB (65-68), Chanute AFB (68-70), Vandenberg AFB (70-71), Chanute AFB (71-74), Kinchloe AFB (74-76)
Rembert,Charles H
Revie,Howard F------------Grand Junction CO
Rider, Thomas E., Address: P O Box 6035, Hickory, NC 28603, Phone: (828) 495-8256, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (69-72)
Rienks,Ronald L ----------- Sacramento CA
Robinson, Benny R --------- Slidell LA
1-star Rodriguez, Alex A----------- Deceased
Ross,David E ------------ Sun City AZ
Ruscitto,Paul A --------- Morgan Hill CA
Russell,Edgar A
Sandoval, Steve
Sandven,William C
Schiele, Paul E., 4342 Magnifica Lane, Sacramento, CA 95827, Phone: (916) 502-1438, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (74-75)
Schieren, Herb G ----------- Vacaville CA
Schneider,  Dennis C------- Medical Lake,  WA
Schopper, James
Searle,Andrew L-------------Newport NC
Searle-SprattRichard J
Searls,Joseph E-----------Dixon IL
Serafin,Larry------------Medical Lake WA
Sibitzky, Stuart "Stu"-----------North Pole AK
Sierra, Jose D., 6140 Tomberg St., Huber Heights OH 45424, Phone: (847) 370-0292, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB
1-star Silger, James E. ---------- Deceased
Silva, James E -------- Alamogordo NM
Skamel, Joseph P., Globe, AZ, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (67-68) Minot AFB (68-70) Seymour Johnson AFB (70-71) Chanute AFB-Instructor
Sklack, Michael, 202 Maple Ct, Aliquippa, PA 15001, Phone: (412) 671-1344, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (74-75)
Slack, Mike
1-star Smith, Carlos D.-------Deceased
Smith,Curtis B----------Sonora CA
Smith,David C
Smith,Miles M ----------- Citrus Heights CA
Smith,Robert D.
Smith, Willard (Bill)-----Navarre, FL
Smorowski, Gerard, Email:, Squadron:Mather AFB (72-73)
Sorrells,Earl F
Stelter, Ronnie - Salina, KS
Stone, David W., 2416 Banyan Dr., Lodi, CA, Phone: (925) 367-9633, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (71-76)
Storm,Roderick T-----------Boise ID
Stotts,Charlres O
Tafolla, Joe, Schertz,TX, Email: , Grand Forks AFB (61-64), Mather AFB (64-67), Ramey AFB (67-70),  Minot AFB (70-71), Barksdale AFB (72-75)
Tekverk, John J. ---Sacramento, CA
Tift,Paul----------- Clovis CA
Tolson,Earl A ----------- Rancho Cordova CA
Tonski, Richard --------- Galt CA
Tordel,Thomas M-----------Ithaca NY
Treichel,Gary D
Vail, J.P.
VanLandingham, Richard M., Address: 7822 Oak Glen Lane, CityStateZip: Granite Bay, CA 95746, Phone: (916) 791-0127, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB 70-73)
Wade,William J
Waggoner,Carol R
Walker, John P ., Address:  Guadalupe Drive, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683, Phone: (916) 354-2839, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (60-63)
Wallace,James W-----------Schertz TX
1-star Welch, Jim-----------Deceased
1-star White, Michael M. - Deceased
Wiss, Lawrence D --------- Ft Worth TX
Whipps, Gary M., 4402. Kimberly Way, Glendale, AZ 85308, Phone: (623) 687-8980, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB (69-72), Mather AFB (72-75)
Wootton. Charles W., Address: 896 Blake Cove, Dyersburg TN. 38024, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (53-58), Seymore Johnson AFB  (58-62), Ramey AFB (62-65), Mather AFB (65-76)
1-star Wyant, Harry - Deceased
1-star YslasJoe-----------Deceased
Zeitlman,Edward F
Zuntag, Robert F, 207 Pebblebrook East, Warner Robins, GA 31088, Phone: (478)_ 929-5849, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-62), Ramey AFB (62-65), K .I. Sawyer AFB (65-69),  Mather AFB (72-75)

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