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Eglin AFB Memories

39th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron

4135th SW

Squadron History

Time Line                      Factoid

Dec 1959              The 4135th- 1st AGM Equipped unit

Sep 1960              Received 1st ADM Quail

1 Nov 1962            4135th AMMS Activated

1 Feb 1963            4135th AMMS Deactivated   

1 Feb 1963            39th AMMS activated

25 Jun 1965           39th AMMS Deactivated

4135th SW

39th BW

39th AMMS - 1965

39th BW

Eglin AFB Hound Dog Crew

Eglin AFB Hound Dog Crew

Eglins AMMS Was the First

Initial delivery of ground support equipment was made to the 4135th SW in Oct 1959. Two special buildings had been erected to house the Hound Dog and its equipment. Sixty-One Air Force personnel who had received extensive missile systems maintenance training at North American Aviation were on hand to install equipment and begin evaluation of initial operational maintenance techniques proposed by NAA for the weapon system.

In addition to its normal responsibilities of maintaining the Hound Dog they were also required to conduct System Operational Test Evaluations ( Live Launchs) On Feb 29 1960 the first operational Hound Dog was launched over the Atlantic Missile Range and then two hours later the missile under the opposite wing was launched. This additional achievement was entered in the records book as the first "dual launch" of the WS-131B weapon system.


Commemorative Graphic printed on Postal Envelopes from Eglin AFB to denote the Missile Launch of the day. This one from Feb 9, 1961

Missile on Eglin Flight Line

GAM 77 Hangars in 1960
An Ammonia Servicing in Progress


Some "Old Troops" at AMMS Reunion 2004
L-R, Don Widhalm, John McGaunn,
Bob Van Alst, Reece Henderson, Wally Fox and Joe Podrazik.

39th AMMS Troops Past & Present

Send me a copies of your photographs for inclusion in these photo  galleries.  Click Here!


39th  AMMS Personnel Roster


NOTICE: The following format will be used on all  future updates to the website:  Last name, first name, middle initial (in bold print), address, telephone number, email address (with a link to contact you), bases assign to along with dates.   Individuals that are deceased will have a gold star placed in front of their names.  If there is any information that you do not want published with your listing, please indicate that when you submit your updates.

Aldrich,Norman C
Aleksy, Richard E., 164 Fairway Drive, LaGrange, IL 60525, Phone: (312) 961-2022, Squadron: Eglin AFB (63) Grand Forks AFB (64-67)
1-star Anderson,John R-----------Deceased
Anderson, William B
Balsamo, Salvatore R --------- Shrewsbury MA
Bates,Charles A
Bazis,Walter J ---------- Redondo Beach CA
Bleau, Richard E., 6330 Hilltop Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608, Phone: (916) 962-0336, Email:,  Squadron: Eglin AFB (59-60), Kinchloe (60-63)
Byrd,Alan B----------Morganton NC
Campbell,Donald A
Carter,John W----------Warner Robins GA
Cekot, Ronald N., 110 Rose Coral Drive, Panama City Beach, FL 32408, Phone: (850) 235-2049, Email:,   Squadron: Eglin AFB (62-65), Barksdale AFB (65-72)
Chancey, Jr., Hugh Dorsey, 70 Chancey Dr., Folkston, GA, Phone: (912) 276-0359, Email:,  Squadron: Eglin, AFB (63-65), Barksdale AFB (65-67)
1-star Cheshire,Ralph L ---------- Deceased
Coutu,Armand B----------Niceville FL
Crooks,Staiten C
Crooks,Staton R
Daniel, Grover B
Davis,Charles E
Davis. Larry D.----------Palm Bay, FL
Dawsey,John E
DeChaine,Richard L
Deyarmin,Donald E ---------- Altoona PA
Donovan,John P
Downs,Robert E
Drew,Terral W
Drummond,Danny K ---------- Hondo TX
1-star Dutton, Ron - Deceased
Ellerman,Richard I
Emmons,Raymond H----------Hilton Head SC
Fox, Wallace “Wally”, 212 Chris Ryan Ln, Toney, AL, Phone: (256) 852-0355, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (59-62), Beale AFB (62-67)
Fransen,Victor W
Genetin,Herman A
Grant, Gerald “Gerry”-----Lubbock, TX
Grassfield,Richard A
Grevy,Joseph A
Griggs,Walker W
1-star Guindon, Fredrick H-----------Deceased
1-star Guyette,  Frederick C ------- Deceased
Hall,Jimmy L --------- Northridge CA
Harrell,Julian H-----------Bonita Springs FL
Hartley,Ronald C
1-star Hayes, Lester R----------- Deceased
Henderson,Reece J-----------Statesville NC
Hobby Sr., Glen T. , 7713 Gibbs Road, Corryton, TN 37721, Phone: (865) 686-7873, Email:, Eglin AFB, Blytheville AFB, Barksdale AFB, Wurtsmith AFB
Homan,Earl C
Jones,Max E.
1-star Kasner, Lawrence  G. - Deceased
Kerwood, James R., 44 Hemlock Dr. NW, Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548, Phone:(850) 533-7545, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (59-65), Kincheloe AFB (65-69), Barksdale AFB (69-71), Barksdale AFB (74-75)
Kimbrell,Thomas R
Knapp,Edwin P
Knight,Larry J
Kull,George H
Lavallee,Alan A----------Orange Park FL
1-star Lloyd, William H.  - Deceased
1-star Long, David A -------- Deceased
1-star Mansell, Donald L----------Deceased
Martine,Jay L-----------Ft Worth TX
Maxwell,Russells L
McCurley,David R
1-star McGuann, John (Jack) – Deceased
McQuiggan,John F-----------Dunkirk NY
Mickle,Ralph----------- Deceased
Melvin L. Milnes, Melvin L., 3904 Est 24th Ave., Spokane, WA. 99223-5550, Phone: 509 535-6503, Squadron: Eglin (59-65), Kincheloe (70-74)
Mitchell,Leonard E-----------Oklahoma City OK
Orlds,Ted M
Partin,Lincoln-----------Warner Robins GA
Peacock,James P
Pereira, Elmo-----------Rome, NY
Podrazik,Joseph R---------- Aquebogue NY
Pulver,Benjamin A
Radsvilowicz,Edward J-----------Mary Esther FL
Rambo,William D
Redd, William E., 4180 Polaris Ave., Lompoc, CA 93436, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (65), Griffiss AFB (65-68),Loring AFB (70), Mather AFB (70-74)
Sanders,Leawn D
Sandusky,Joseph E

Segovia Jr., Ramon, 7108 Bosque Rd., Canutillo, TX 79835, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (61-65)
Selement,Charles L
Shell,James S
Shelton, John D., 146  Tollgate Trail, Longwood Fl 32750, Phone: (407) 331-9379 Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (63-65) Turner AFB (65-67) Grand Forks AFB (67-69)  Ramey AFB (69-71) Ellsworth AFB (71-74
Shene,Harley N
Shepler,Charles R----------New Orleans LA
Sherwood,Robert C
Small,Lee T
Small,Otis M
Smith,Billy W-----------Beaufort NC
Spurlock,Richard B
Strombush, Earl M.------Hawkinsville, GA
Stansell,Conally R
1-star Strickland, Razzie ---------- Deceased
Tate,James T
Tedford,Jimmy R
Tenney,William F----------Deceased
Tollefsrod,Philip B ---------- Deceased
Tolson,Earl A-----------Rancho Cordova CA
Trivett, Carroll D., 1872 Siesta Dr., Prattville, AL 36067, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (62-65)
Urch, Harold L. ,  Ashtabula, OH  44004, Email:, Squadron: Ramey (60-62),  Eglin (62-65)
Van Alst,Robert L-----------Montgomery AL
Vela,Heberto ------- Fort Walton Beach FL
Visser,Harold R
Ware,Raymond O
Warmack,Hardy C
Watkins,Kenneth A
1-star Wells, Jackie L----------Deceased
Wetzes, William J
1-starWhatley,Willis R ---------- Deceased
Widhalm,Donald G-----------Winter Park FL
Williams,Dale E
Williams, Robert G------- Sarasota FL
Xenias,Solon----------Navarre FL
1-star Young, Robert L ----------- Deceased

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