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K.I. Sawyer AFB Memories

410th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron


Squadron History

Time Line                   Factoid

1 Nov 1962             4042nd AMMS Activated

1 Feb 1963             4042nd Deactivated

1 Feb 1963             410th AMMS Activated

Main Gate 1960

Past and Present

Ernie Lillo's "Big" Fish
A 20 Lb Northern
Ted Johnson
Playing a little Bluegrass
Glenn and Sandy Baldwin
A young Lew Chilton sitting under a B-36 at Chanute AFB
A  AMMS Troop who "Done Good"

Air Force Sergeants Association
Executive Director

CMSgt James D Staton, USAF Ret.

Remembering the 410th AMMS

Photos Courtesy of: Lewis Chilton
Missile Control - July 1966
Lew Chilton Hard at Work
Guidance Calibration in Progress
Otto Mattfeldt at the Consoles - July 1967
VACE Shop - January 1966
Remember March 1966 and working
in that white stuff ?
Frank Caldera riding his horse named Quail
Hangar Check-Out StationĀ  - Nov 1965
July 1967
George Leaks with Discharge Papers in hand
Flight Line Section - Jul 1967
Bill LLoyd sitting in chair left side of picture. On desk next to Bill is Tim Miller and next to Tim in foreground is Stan Maciarz.   Harold (Butch) Broek right side background.  Still need some help identifying the rest. 
Where is the Flight Line going with this one?
Guidance Shop preparing a
Stable Platform for Calibration.  Photo Courtesy of: Bob Rand
Missile on Hardstand and
ready for Maintenance

410th AMMS Troops Today

Send me a recent photograph of yourself to be included in this photo gallery.  Click Here!

410th AMMS Hound Dogs Assigned In 1974

60-5589  61-2158  61-2166  61-2190  61-2197  61-2202  61-2203  61-2209  61-2235  61-2310 
61-2313  61-2326  62-0050  62-0081  62-0090  62-0094  62-0126  62-0140  62-0148  62-0189




410th  AMMS Personnel Roster


NOTICE: The following format will be used on all  future updates to the website:  Last name, first name, middle initial (in bold print), address, telephone number, email address (with a link to contact you), bases assigned to along with dates.   Individuals that are deceased will have a gold star placed in front of their names.  If there is any information that you do not want published with your listing, please indicate that when you submit your updates.

Acevedo, Louis
Aicher, Dennis L.
Arcand, Roy L.
Armstrong,William J --------- Fort Wayne IN
1-star Arnold, John M. - Deceased
1-star Arnold, Marvin H. - Deceased
Artis,James L----------Severn MD
Baldock, Charles M----------Lansing, MI
Baldwin,Glenn R-----------Box Elder SD
Bender, Glenwood R.
Barron, Donald A
Basnett, Milton S., 1692 Stone Hedge Dr. W., Mobile, AL  36695, Phone: (251) 633-9582, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (60-65)
Bernard,Walter J
Betts, Clyde W
Bink, Andrew , 997 Crockett Loop S, Hernando, MS 38632, Phone: (662) 449-0273, Email:, Squadrons: Beale AFB (61-68), K.I. Sawyer AFB (71-72)
Bishop, Terry R., 268 Gail Lane, Jacksboro, TN 37757, Phone: (423) 566-2467, Email:, Squadron: K. I. Sawyer AFB, Fairchild AFB
Black,Clifford D-----------Flint MI
Blair, Wiley N
Blenker, Roger
Blevins,Troy D-----------Bonaire GA
Bond, Alfred L.
Borst,Ronald D-----------Bossier City LA
Bowie,Gary R
Bredemeyer, Bob
Brekke, Leo F----------Aitkin MN
Brich Jr., Richard J., 976 County Road 480, Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-249-9204,  Kinchloe AFB (67-70), K I Sawyer AFB (70-73)
1-star Broek, Harold D ------- Deceased
Brooks, Ralph W., 4090 S. Espana Way, Aurora, CO 80013, Phone: (303) 627-0924, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB
Brown, Thomas G.------Oscoda, MI
Brown, Walter C.
Browning, Henry L. -------- Temple TX
Broyles, Bill M., 221 Smith Bridge Rd., Limestone, TN 37681, Phone: (423) 257-2165, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (66-71), Blytheville AFB (72-75)
Bruce, James E.
Bryant, David W. , 204 First St, Harrisburg, AR 72432, Phone: (870) 578-2589,
Bryant,James E
Burlingame, Larry --------- Davenport IA
Burris, David L., 310 E. Van Buren, Rapid City.SD 57701, Phone: (605) 718-3776, Email:, Squadron: Fairchild AFB (65-70), K. I. Sawyer AFB (70-74), Beale AFB (74-76), Ellsworth AFB (76-78)
Busse,Craig J
Caldera, Frank, 3736 Co. Rd. #130, Killen,  AL 35645, Phone: (256) 757-5755, Email: , Squadrons: Clinton Sherman AFB, (60-62), Wright Patterson AFB, (62-67), Barksdale AFB (67-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70-79)
Camlin, Edwin W.------Edmond, OK
Campbell,Donald A
1-star Carrol, Robert ----Deceased
Carter,Joseph E
Chilton, Lewis J. , 8351 Balboa Blvd., #39, Northridge, CA 91325, Phone: (818) 885-8169, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (64-67)
Chipchase, Steven B----------Blackwell, OK
Christi, Milan, Address: S. Lisbon Way, Aurora, CO, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: K. I. Sawyer AFB (74-75)
Christian, Jim ------- Ridgefield WA
Christian,William F
Clark,Warren M-----------Livingston TX
Clawson,Willis D
Clifford, Michael J., 5167 Lower Mountain Road, Lockport, NY 14094, Phone: (607) 435-9825, Email:,  Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (72-73), Beale AFB (74-76)
1-star Cochran,William H-----------Deceased
Colwell, Jr., Woodie L., 204 Pellimore Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31093, Phone: (478) 955-8383, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer (64-67)
Cook,Steven E
Cooke, Lavohn H --------- Santa Maria CA
Cool,Donald R --------- Vacaville CA
Coutu,Armand B----------Niceville FL
Craig, Jerry D
Christi, Milan, Aurora, CO, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (73-75)
Crockett,Jeffron B
Crowningshield, Wilford G-------Lewis, NY
Curran, Lawrence L., 581 Sherman St, conto Falls, WI 54154, Travis AFB (60-54), Phone: (920) 227-7985, Email:, Squadrons: Travis AFB (60-64), K. I. Sawyer AFB (64-68), Barksdale AFB (68-71)
Davey, John, 657 County Rd. 519, Sussex, NJ  07461, Phone: (973) 875-8205, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (64-67)
Dawsey,John E
Day,Gregory D
Deering, Walter R
Delgado, Anibal (Joe), 5289 S Pebble Creek, West Bloomfield, MI 48322, Phone: (248) 760-4137, Email:, Squadron: KI Sawyer AFB
Dickerson, Earl------Moreno Valley, CA
Dixon, Larry R..
Duschene, Michael F. ----Baraga, MI
Duzan, John-----Chutta, GA
Dvorak, Joseph M. (Mike), 12036-144th Lane, Largo, FL 33774, Phone: (727) 595-1404, Email:, Squadron:  K.I., Sawyer AFB (64-67)
East, Charlie, 562 Meadow Dr., Bossier City, LA 71112, Phone: (318) 742-1190, Email: , Squadron: Robins AFB (60-66), K.I. Sawyer AFB (66-07), Baksdale AFB  (70-76)
Eayrs, Neil-----St. Joseph, MO
Eggert, Dave
Ellison,  Melvin E
Everlen, John P.H. -------- Lakeland FL
1-star Feenstra, Richard A-----------Deceased
Fisher,Charles F
Flanigan, Michael, (Summer) 833 High St. Oconomowoc, WI 53066 (Winter) 1000 S. Idaho Rd #247, Apache Junction, AZ 85119, Phone: (936) 827-5401, Email:,  Squadron: K I Sawyer AFB (64-68)
Fornal,Donald L------------Stone Mountain GA
Forney,Ralph W
Fortin,Ronald F
Fox,Patrick H
Fullerton,Ronald B --------- Babson Park FL
Getter, David ------- Warner Robins GA
Getz, Paul R.
1-star Glenn, Donald L----------- Deceased
1-star Godbout,Robert-----------Deceased
Goodall,James C-----------Phoenix AZ
Griggs, David C.-----------Rapid River, MI
Grubb, Herbert R-----Niceville, FL
Hallen, Lincoln----------Rockville MD
Hamilton,Alexander G.
Hartzell, Richard D.------Springhill, FL
Hatton,David L -------- Deberry TX
Hayes,Travis D-----------Bossier City LA
Hearn,George G
Heinz,Percy D
Hill, Donald A. --------- Port St Lucie FL
Hillerts, Norman D.-----Ankeny, IA
Holcomb Jr., Sigmond W.
Holloway, Russell M (Max) ----Marquette, MI
Holstein,Delbert-----------St Albans WV
Horner, Richard-----------Globe AZ
Hornsby Jr.,  Sam
Horstman, William
Huber,Otto M-----------Deceased
Hudman,Charles R.----Marshall, TX
Huff,Orval S----------Indianapolis IN
Huffstetler, George A -------- Beaufort SC
Hunt, Martin Marty" Charles, Flower Mound, TX, Email:
Hunter,James H-----------Colville WA
Jensen, Jay R.---------- Rocky Hill, CT
Johnson,  Darrel W.
Johnson, Thomas G. “Johnny”---Rantoul, IL
Jones,  Lawrence C.
Jones, Otis T
Jones, Sam, 6324 S 139 St., Omaha, NE 68137, Phone: (402) 895-6138, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (60-63), Wright Patterson AFB (63-68), K I Sawyer AFB (68-69), Ellsworth AFB (71-73)
Kair, Norman W.
Kalinowski, Daniel -----------Cumming, GA
Kamp, Raymond E.
KannDavid K-----------Vineyard Haven MA
Kincade,Thomas E
Klunk, Lawrence E.
Knackers, Paul
Krapkowski, Joseph T
Krueger, Ron
Kuhn, Edward ----Oscoda, MI
1-star Kunhart, Jack-----------Deceased
LaBelle, David F.,   21211 Wellington,  Woodhaven,  MI 48183, Phone: (734) 675-8944,  K I Sawyer AFB (62-65)
Ladas, Zeno
Laidley, William -------- S Portland ME
1-star Lawhorn, Charles H -------- Deceased
Leaks,George A
Lecates, Charles B., P.O.412, Piedmont, SD 57769, Phone: (605) 787-4709, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB (60-67), Barksdale AFB (67-71), KI Sawyer AFB  (71-74), Barksdale AL (74-79), Camp Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 1979-1981, Ellsworth AFB (Ret), AFJROTC Instructor, Douglas HS, Box Elder, SD - 1989-2003
Leirmo, Jerry------- Arlington TX
Lewis, Gerry, 929 Back Nine Dr , Moneta Virginia 24121, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe (1970-1977), K.I. Sawyer (1977-1978)
Lillo, Ernest A., 222 Lakeview Dr, Eagle Lake, MN 56024, Phone: (507) 340-4038, Fairchild AFB (62-65), Dow AFB (65-68), Beale AFB (68-71), K. I. Sawyer AFB (71-74)
Lilly,James R
Lincoln, Robert J.
1-star Lloyd, William H.  - Deceased
Lombardi,Carmine A----- Keystone Heights FL
1-star Long, David A ------- Deceased
Loukinen,Ernest L -------- Dubuque IA
Lowing, Earle D
Luedtke, James A
Luquette, Lawrence J. (Larry)------------Astoria, OR
Lyon,Dennis R-----------Layton UT
1-star Maciarz, Stanislaus - Deceased
Mackey, Gerald M
Mann,Walter L
Mattfeldt,Otto G
Mays, Charlie
McClintock, James R
McConkey,  David L----------- Fairfield IA
McDonald,Frank G
McFarland, Robert L.-----------Utica NY
1-star McGinty, Leonard T----------- Deceased
McGowan, Henry A
McIntosh,Robert L
Mead, Marvin E.
Merchant,Merle M-----------Rantoul IL
Meyer,Frederick H
Miller,Timothy M
Miller,Tyrus------------Harbor Springs MI
Mitrick, Paul S --------- Boyton Beach FL
Moman,  Forrest A.
Moore, Alvin D., 1330 South River Rd., Franklin, GA 30217, Phone:(706) 675-3802, Email:,  Squadron: K.I. Sawyer (72-75)
Murdock,Leland J
Nack, Dennis J
Neely,Claude A
Nelson, David O----------Bloomer WI
Neuens,David L
Nichols, William H
1-star Northrup, Bobby H -------- Deceased
O'Connor,James P-----------Gunnison CO
O’Reilly, Timothy S
Olejniczak, Thomas J., Address: 6780 Northland Dr. NE, Rockford, MI  49341, Phone: (616) 884-6618, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB(67-68), Ramey AFB (68-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70)
Olson, Gary L, 1335 Clearwater Lane, Springfield OR 97478-9503, Squadron: (Grand Forks AFB, K.I. Sawyer AFB)
Owens,Richard E --------- Westminster CO
Parker,Roy L
Parker, Stewart H. ----Quinton, VA
Parnell,W.C. "Bill"----------Beavercreek OH
Parniske,Robert J ---------- Port Huron MI
Patton, Reuben F
Peck, Orrin R.---------Rochester MN
Pipher,Edwin R -------- Towanda, PA
Powelson, Robert M.
Powers, Richard-----------Centerville GA
Price, Dale C., 14270 Lenox Dr., New Berlin, WI 53151, Phone: (262) 785-1127, Email:, Squadron:  Altus AFB (60-64), K.I. Sawyer AFB (64-74)
Punches, Albert L.
Ragsdale, John C
Rand, Robert D. , 5150 W 144th St, Savage, MN, Phone: (952) 226-5646, K.I. Sawyer  (69-72)
Redmond, Johnny
Reynolds,Byron E ------- Ft Walton Beach FL
Riendeau,Aldoria A --------- Robertsdale AL
Riney,Doyle V
Robenalt,Tim----------Marquette MI
Rode, William c.
Rodell,Maynard C ------- Tonganoxie KS
Rose,Willie----------Bluefield VA
Rosebrock,Carl A
Russell, Bruce A------------Deceased
Sanderson,William A
1-star Santaferrara, James P---------- Deceased
Savage,John W --------- Hebron MD
1-star Scarberry, Glen N. - Deceased
Schumacher,Robert W
Scott, Barney C.
Seabolt,George-----------Warner Robins GA
Seagle, Donald B-----------Ishpeming MI
Sell,Larry H----------- Deceased
Smith, Dean
Smith, Ronald D
1-star Smith, Ward C --------- Deceased
Sonner, Alan ----------- Weaverville NC
Spann,William C
Spero, Richard
St George, Aaron N
Starkis,Uldis-----------Mary Esther FL
Staton,James D------------Waldorf MD
Stephenson, Kenneth E
1-star Stewart, David L-----------Deceased
Streiff,  David O., 4933 Algonquin Trl, Antioch, TN 37013, Phone: (615) 512-6273, Squadron: Loring AFB, Ramey AFB, Grand Forks AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB,  K. I. Sawyer AFB
1-star Sullivan,Alpha - Deceased
Swan,Virgil W
Symbal, Gerald J.
Tabako, Kent C----------Coon Rapids MN
Thompson,John C
Thomas, Robert J.
Tomb, Charles E., Haughton, LA, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (62-66), Blytheville AFB (66-68), Ellsworth AFB (68-75)
1-star Tropp, Norman --- Deceased
TroutmanAdri D
Turner, Loran E -------- Orlando FL
Tutaj, Ronald R.
Walk, Christian ---------- North Richland Hills TX
Warzynski,James C----------Westfield WI
Wasniewski, Emil S-----------Mosinee WI
Welch, Steven R., Tucson, AZ,  Email:,  Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (73-75), Davis-Monthan AFB (75-76)
1-star Weeks, Wilbur J. ----------Deceased
White, James E-----------Saint Charles MO
1-star White, Ronald R. ----------Deceased
Wilder, Mike
Wilkins, Lawrence F.----Ishpeming, MI
Wilson, Raymond
Wilson,Verl W
Wise,Larry R
Wisler, Ralph E
Witt,Earl E-----------Titusville FL
1-star Wood, John N. - Deceased
Wood, Ronald J-----------Box Elder SD
Worell,Robert F
Young, Oneal
Zemialkowski, Walter R -- Dominican Republic
Zimmerman, Russell E., 1508 13th Drive, Friendship, WI 53934, Phone: (608) 564-2663, Email:, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (65-67)
Zozula.Michael A----------Hartshome OK
Zuntag, Robert F, 207 Pebblebrook East, Warner Robins, GA 31088, Phone: (478)_ 929-5849, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-62), Ramey AFB (62-65), K .I. Sawyer AFB (65-69),  Mather AFB (72-75)

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