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Button-Honor Roll

Loring AFB Memories

42nd Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron


42nd Bomb Wing

Squadron History

Time Line                     Factoid

1 Nov 1962             42nd AMMS Activated

30 Sep 1974           42nd AMMS Deactivated

Note: This was the only Squadron with twice the normal  number of Hound Dogs from 1962-1966.

42nd AMMS

Best AMMS in SAC Award for 1970


Members of the 42nd AMMS

More accolades for the 42nd AMMS Feb 1972







Photos of the Past and the Present

A young Dan Silliman sitting under a B-36 at Chanute AFB
1964 - Dan Silliman and David Paul just prior to departure for Loring
Bob Kirschmann passed the big one.  Gosh that had to hurt ....
1st Sgt Paul Coonan and his clerk Rick Martin.  Courtesy of: Bob Lindsay
Mickle accepting Softball Tounament Champs.  Photo courtesy of: Ralph Mickle Jr

Remembering 1963

I hope someone can remember the names in these photo's.  Photos Courtesy of: Charles Allison


Glenn Snyder ~ GAM Branch Chief


Standing Byron Reynolds
Unknown and James Gillette
James Lucas closing the Hyd panel




From the Pen and Wit of: Bob Lindsay


Loring Combined Systems
NightShift Fun and Games  

   We used to play "Missile Bay Chicken" by grabbing the bottom lip of the door while it was on the way up and ride it up...with the "Chicken" being the first person to let go and press the Stop (...and sometimes Down button) so that the other participants could get off.
   We always had a standing joke wondering just what would happen if NOBODY "chickened out" during the door's the height at the full open position was high enough that having to drop from there onto the concrete
missile bay floor would probably have resulted in injury.

   So here we are, SSgt Jerry Livermore (in the leather jump boots) and myself (in my favorite winter footwear, Mukluks!)
having ridden the door to the top and suddenly in that predicament,

Now Lets Get Serious.....

Courtesy of: Bob Lindsay


Who are these guys trying to look busy?
Looks like Larry Pflieger and Bob Wunderlich are working hard at the Guidance Consoles

The Best of the Best in 1968

Courtesy of: Allen Edwards


Master Technicians
COL.LYNN H. MOULTHROP.JR. 42nd Bomb Wing Deputy Commander for Maintenance presents Master Technician Awards to: Seven 42nd Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron personnel.

Personnel are (left to right) SMSgt. William W. Perry, MSgt. Dale E. Jacks, MSgt. Raymond T. Ford, TSgt. David L. Coulters, TSgt. Lemuel M. Robbins, TSgt. Allen G. Edwards and TSgt. Sherwood L. Quast.

What Ever Happen to Combined Systems?  Did You Know?


In 1980 the 42 FMS had a Jet Engine mechanic who worked out of a
building on the flight line that at one time was called the Combined Systems building ( this is the place they used to test Hound Dog missiles ) ( You C/S Troops remember that don't you ? ) They converted it over to the Jet Engine Test Cell. He said that anyone who worked the flightline at Loring knows what building he was referring to because of all the noise those engines made.

( There sure was no noise when you C/S troops had it )


Combined Systems Building - Life After The Dog

I was a Jet Engine Mech assigned to your Combined Systems  building. I was assigned to the Jet Engine Test facility as FMS called it in Jan of 76. It had just been converted over to testing of the J57-59W and J57-43 WB engines by a Tech Sergeant Robert Pooler and Staff Sergeant Bill Whitney. I worked out of that building for just about my entire tour at Loring, ultimately becoming NCOIC of the facility. I understand that sometime in the early 80's the Engine Test facility was moved to a new building next to the engine shop. We had many good times out at the Combined Systems facility as you knew it. We also rode the door to see who would drop off, funny how we enlisted guys think a like.
   One cold evening the deluge system fired in the building for no apparent reason. The run bay had so much water coming down from the spray heads that you couldn't see the other wall. The water in the run bay was coming through the door (we installed a double door between the run bay and the control bay) into the control bay. I'll tell you what IF there had been a fire it would have been out in short order. Anyway both bay doors froze, we had a time thawing the ice from them in the middle of winter 58 below.
   Another interesting thing occurred while running a J57 during test the engine suffered a sever compressor stall, the shock wave tore those doors we installed open, ripped brackets left from your days off the walls and cracked the wall between the run bay and the third bay floor to ceiling. The engine test stand came off the floor a good six inches. It was something to see.

  Well, I just thought you might be interested in a little history of that facility after you guys had no further use for it.

Lawrence J. Christian
Msgt, USAF Ret.  

AMMS Facilities Today

Do You Remember?

Photos courtesy of: Tom Klasterka


Squadron Open House - 1968


Now all I have to do is dig it out

Tom Klasterka and his 63 Chevy, before the storm of 67-68 and after.


42nd AMMS Barracks

Tom Colvin gettting ready to ride..

Tom Colvin was looking for
his car also.

Vice President  Hubert Humphrey Pays a Visit to The 42nd AMMS

Photos courtesy of: Homer Warner


42nd AMMS Hound Dogs Assigned In 1974

61-2213  62-0052  62-0055  62-0069  62-0121  62-0123  62-0135  62-0156  62-0180  62-0182  62-0187 
62-0192  62-0194  62-0196  62-0198  62-0203  62-0204  62-0205  62-0206



42nd AMMS Troops From the Past

42nd AMMS Troops Today

Send me a recent photograph of yourself to be included in this photo gallery.  Click Here!


42nd AMMS Personnel Roster


Adams,Brenton K --------- Albany KY
Alberda,Kenneth E -------- Longmont CO
Aldridge,William M.
1-star Alker,Paul J-----------Deceased
Allison.Charles A----------Plymouth MA
Alonzo, Leslie R. Jr.,1012 W. Peninsular St., Tampa, FL. 33603-5212, Phone: (813) 229-1083, Email:,  Squadron: Loring AFB (63-67) Robins AFB (67-68)
Alumbaugh, Rex L Squadron: Loring AFB (64-67)
Anderson Jr., Bruce B.----Groveland, IL
Aragon,Jose E.
Arrowwood, Wiley J., 580 South Allen Road, Flat Rock, NC 28726, Phone: (828) 243-4278, Email:, Squadrons: Loring AFB, Ramey AFB, Clinton Sherman AFB,  Wurtsmith AFB
Austin,John A
Bailey,Benny M
Baisden,William C.----------Brunswick OH
Baker,Byron H
Bare,David C ------- Wheatland CA
Barlow,James E-----------South Roxana IL
Barnhill, Elgin -------- Chinquapin NC
Barone,Joseph J----------Fort Payne AL
Barrett,Laurence E------------ Clinton ME
Barrett,Paul E.
Bartlett,Gerald----------Plant City FL
Bate, Michael J. (Red), Address: Holbrook MA 02343, Phone: N/A, Email:,  Squadron: Loring AFB (73-74)
Bates,Horace C.
Battaglia, Ronald R., NY, Phone: (716) 692-2186, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-65), Wright-Patterson AFB (65-67)
Beall,Christopher-----------Kingston NY
Beasley,Alan B
Beatrice,Kenneth J
Beaudoin,Jean P  Lt Col----------Eliot ME
Beavers,Swanson-----------Rocky Gap VA
Becker, David E -------- Anamosa IA
Bedette,E.H. Lt Col
Bejma, Thomas C.----Manchester, MI
Belcher,Clarence E
Bell,Norman K
Bell,Rupert W --------- Winston Salem NC
Bender,Ronald N
Beyer,Dennis C-----------Brentwood TN
Billingsley, Tommie D., Address: P. O. Box 130, CityStateZip: Jasper, TN 37347, Phone: (423) 227-1524, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (65-68), (69-70), Loring AFB (68-69), (72-77)
Boaz, Clifford L., P.O. Box 877, Fort Fairfield, ME 04742, Phone: (207) 540-0277, Email: , Squadron: Loring AFB (55-59), Seymour Johnson AFB (60-63), Turner AFB (63-67), Loring AFB (67-69), Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-73), Loring AFB (73-74)
Boenig,William A-----------Maxwell TX
1-star Boisvert, Richard H. J. – Feb 1, 2006
Boldware,Earl H-----------Dayton OH
Boldys,Joseph F
Boucher,William J----------Norcross GA
Bradford, H.R., Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (62-63), Mather AFB (63-66), Loring AFB (66-68)
Bralley, James E. - Fair Oaks. CA
Brame,Thomas W----------Auburn NY
Brown, Wayne A., 111 Beach Fern Court, Mooresville, NC 28117, Phone: (704)658-0786, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (71-74)
Browning, Dana W--------- Jacksonville AR
Brust,John G-----------Bradenton FL
Bulicek, Earle, Euclid, OH, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (63-66)
Bunch,John W.
Cade,Jerry L-----------Columbus MS
Canada,Duncan P Maj
Card, John W.----Kensington, CA
Carey,Michael J
Carpenter, Kenneth A., 2260 Millcrest Terrace, Midlothian, VA 23112, Phone: (804) 513.4584, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (64-67)
Caviglia,Robert T ---------- Ronkonkoma NY
Chambers,James B-----------Kathleen GA
Chanda,Richard E
Clute,Robert E.
Collister,Clarence L----------Norman OK
Colvin,Thomas A
Comer,George H
Conley,John R
Cook,David L-----------Rantoul IL
Cook,Hugh A
Coonan,Paul A
Corbin,Wilber R
Cothran,William R
1-star Coulters, David L. - Deceased
Cowling,Neal F-----------Patton MO
Hardrun Robert Crawford------------Pearl River LA
Croom,W.A. 1st Lt
Crumlich,Eberly D------------Raleigh NC
Dameron,Ervin D-----------Round Rock TX
Dannebrock,Douglas W-----------Apollo Beach FL
DeBurra,David R.----------Spokane WA
Decker,Jerry D-----------Fairborn OH
Deese,James L
DeFrancis, Charles M. Address: 10112 Bushveld Lane, CityStateZip: Raleigh NC, 27613, Phone: +1 (919) 848-9312, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB
Delgiudice,Robert O
DePorter,Michael D----------Oakton VA
Diehl,Barry A----------Cool CA
Dillon,Thomas E----------Pensacola FL
Dodson,Richard B
Donovan,Robert J
Dugas,Charles N
Edmonston,Carl A
Edwards,Allen G-------------Spokane, WA
Eiceman,Charles H
Elliott, David B., Address: 419 County Road 334, DeBerry, Texas 75639, Phone:  (903) 766-2751, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-64)
1-star Eskridge, Graham Ray - Deceased
1-star Etchieson, Donald J----------Deceased
Evans, Roy A., 336 Salmon Ct.,  Kissimmee, FL 34759, Phone: (863) 496-0060, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (64-68), Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-73)
Fair, Mike
Famous, Daniel E., 2981 Second St., Eagleville, PA 19403-1549, Phone: (610) 539-8152, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (67-70)
Farnsworth,Charles L.
1-star Faux, Richard E --------- Deceased
Fiquette,Arra L-----------Orlando FL
Foore,Robert N-----------Nashua NH
Ford,Raymon T
Forrest,George-----------Piggott AR
1-star Fort, Shafter E----------- Deceased
Fowler, Harold - Auburn, MI
Frith,Robert W-----------Layton UT
Fulcomer, Kenneth F-----------Tyrone PA
Funderburk,Robert M
Gamble,Don M
Garrett,Elbert E "Gene" --------- Hillsboro OR
Giannukos,Norman----------New Paltz NY
 1-starGillette, James E. - Deceased
Glessner,Richard L
Gorney,James L
Graham,Alfred J
Grassick,Robert A------------Weymouth MA
Griffin, Jesse L---------Minot ND
Griffith,Buford H
Griffiths,William L------------Nine Mile Falls WA
Gross,Allan S.---------Rogers City, MI
Guthrie,William D
Haddock,Donald A -------- Laconia NH
Hadeen,Norman K----------Aurora CO
Hagerty,Timothy J
1-star Hammersted, Lloyd F - Deceased
Hann,Robert S.
Hanson,Douglas L
Hansen, John E., 634 Spruce Head Rd., South Thomaston, ME 04858, Phone: (207) 594-5310, Email:, Squadron: Lowry AFB (62-63), Robins AFB (64-65)
Harkenrider,Thomas L.
1-star Hatcher,John T -------- Deceased
Helvie,Robert W----------Deceased
Hendrix, George L., 300 Lakeview Dr., Ponca City, OK  74604, Phone: (580) 749-5018, Squadrons: Altus AFB (60-66), Loring AFB ( 66-70), Wright Patterson AFB (70-75)
1-star Heyer, George ------ Deceased
Higby,Gerald F.
Hill, Donald A., Port St. Lucie, FL, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (68-70, Loring AFB (72-73, K. I. Sawyer AFB (74-75)
Hoff, William V.----------Plano, TX
Hoffner,Robert C
Houser, Earl S., 27911 Industrial Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545, Phone: (510) 501-2102, Email:, Squadron: Travis AFB (66-68), Loring AFB (68-69)
Houston,Calvin L
1-star Hudman, Joseph R. - Deceased
Hunt,Clifton L-----------Antelope CA
Hurst,William C.------------Satellite Beach FL
1-star Iacuzzo, Amilio-----------Deceased
Isenhour,Edward A----------Granite Falls NC
Jackert,Willis R.
Jacks,Dale E-----------Haughton LA
Jackson,William R-----------North Richland Hills TX
Jacques,Albert R.
1-star James, Leland----------Deceased
Jansonius, Gary L -------- Lahoma OK
Johnston, Joseph, 2001 Birch Drive, Hermon, ME 04401, Phone: (207) 848-3088, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (68-72
Jones,George R.
Kaleta,Ronald-----------Warner Robins GA
Karnak,Ronald V
Kienzeil,Marvin M
Kilbreth,Lawrence C
Kirschmann,Robert J-------------Stockholm ME
Klasterka, Thomas J., 152 Briarwood Lane, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066, Phone: (724) 612-1645, Email:,  Squadrons: Loring AFB (67-68), Wright Patterson AFB (68), Kadena AFB  69-70), Fairchild AFB (69-70)
Knight,Larry J
Koons,Donald D
Korngiebel,Ronald W-----------Fort Collins CO
Koscienski,Raymond F.
Krantz,Roger A
Kunze,Donald C-----------Lewiston ID
Laederich,Thomas D
Laidacker, Robert C.----------Bozman MD
Lalonde, Gerald P., Naples, NY, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (64-66), Beale AFB (66-67)
Lambright, Graig E.----Chandler, AZ
Larue,William A
Lavalle,Larry L-----------Caribou ME
Law,Fred J
Lawson,William G
Laychak,Francis P.-----------Trumbull CT
Leale Jr., Thomas J., 3171 W. Shadow Dr., Buckeye, AZ 85326, Phone: (623) 374-4206, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (66-69), Ramey AFB (69-71),  Ellsworth AFB (71-74), Beale AFB (74-76) Ellsworth AFB (76-77)
Lee,Edward E
Lee,Harold L.
Leeth,Fredrick A----------Espanola WA
Lenaghan,Charles W
Leonhardt,Blanton K
Lerwill,Joral P-----------Sacremento CA
Lesko, Mike
Ley, Michael J., Address: 202 W Pullen Place, San Tan Valley, AZ  85143, Phone: +1 (480) 655-5548, Email:,  Squadron: Loring AFB (70-73)
Lindner,Kenneth R ---------Granite Bay CA
Lindsay, Robert B., Madison, OH 44057, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-64)
Lopez,Prudencio R
1-star Lopopolo,Francis L----------Deceased
Lovell, William G., 212 Eddie Kahkonen Rd. Norway, ME 04268. Phone: (207)743-0861, Squadron: Loring AFB (73-75)
Lucas,James B---------Scio NY
Luchuk,Jerome J
Lutz, John, R., Address: 3469 Dakota St, CityStateZip: Atwater, California 95301, Phone: 209-358-6705, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (54-61 & 70-74); Wright-Patterson AFB, (61-67), Mather AFB (67-68)
1-star Mann,Raymond L------------ Deceased
Martin, James C. ---Florissant, MO
Mastro, Thomas J., Address: 78, CityStateZip: Portage  Maine 04768, Phone: (207) 227-6760, Email:,  Squadron: Loring AFB (67-71)
1-star Mayne,Keith H---------Deceased
McCammon,James A
McCollum,Frederick B.
McCool,Gary D.
McCormick,Joseph H
McCoy,Ashley D------------Riverside OH
McDougall,Thomas B.
McGann,Joseph B-----------Tucson AZ
McIntyre, Alan B., 9657 E. 28th St., Tulsa, OK 74129, Phone: (918) 828-0677, Email: , Squadron: Beale AFB (60-64), Ramey AFB (64-67),  Loring AFB (67-71)
McIver,Michael E
1-starMcKinney, Charles R----------Deceased
McLaughlin Jr., Thomas F. 17136 County Road 3302, Brownsboro, TX 75756, Phone: (903) 353-4383, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (73-74), Davis Monthan AFB (74-76)
McMullin,Ellis F-----------Kent City MI
Meier, Dwayne E.-----Rockford, IL
1-star Mickle, Ralph----------- Deceased
Miller,Timothy A---------Knob Noster MO
Mitchell,Leonard E-----------Oklahoma City OK
Monago,Lebe O-----------Old Bridge NJ
Murray,John L
Nadeau,Leo P
Needham, James O., 6387 Bartlett Rd.,Rome, NY  13440, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Dow AFB (60-65),  Seymour Johnson AFB (65-68),  Robins AFB (68-70),  Loring AFB (70-78),  Griffiss AFB (78-80)
1-star Nelson,Ernest J-----------Deceased
Nelson,Steven R
Newton,Bernard G
Nicewarner,Curtis E
Olinger,James W ---------- Cherokee AL
Orlosky,John S
Osborne,Eugene R-----------Port Richey FL
Owens,James E.
Pack,William R----------Brookfield, CT
Packer,Leslie G
Paterson,James S
Patrick,Elson L
Pattin, Raymond J., 142 Madison St., Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075, Phone: (201) 697-6788, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (72-75)
1-star Paul, David M-------Deceased
Perry,William W
1-star Petron, Andrew ---Deceased
Phipps, William J., Address: 3844 Sandstone Court, New Smyrna Beach,FL32169, Phone: +1 (407) 403-4821, Email:,  Squadron: Homestead AFB (60s), Fairchild AFB (68-70), Turner AFB (67-65), Loring AFB (71-73)
Pickles,Gerald C
Pierce,Glen E
Porter,Donavon M.
Powell,Paul H.
Powers,Terance J
Pozar,Matthew J-----------Bentonville AR
Prewitt,David E----------- Imperial Beach CA
Quarles,William L.
Quast,Sherwood L --------- Chula Vista CA
Rahmlow,Bruce A ---------- Arlington VA
Rajala, Dennis “Hank”-----Salisbury, MD
Rambeau, Jimmie W., 2551 South Illinois Ave, Carbondale IL  62903, Phone: (618) 549-6253, Email:,  Squadron: Loring AFB  (59-63)
Redd, William E., 4180 Polaris Ave., Lompoc, CA 93436, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (65), Griffiss AFB (65-68),Loring AFB (70), Mather AFB (70-74)
1-star Reinersmann,William-Deceased
Reynolds,Byron E.
Richard, Carl M., 3606 Stillmeadow Dr., Bryan, TX 77802, Phone: (979) 218-4575, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (73-74)
Richardson,Eric S
Ridgway,Franklin D
Riggs,William W
Riker,Samuel T.
Robbins,John-----------Parkdale OR
Robbins,Lemuel M----------Medway OH
Robbins,Robbie L
Rode,Allen G.
1-star Rowe, John E-----------Deceased
Runion,Lorren K.----------Benbrook TX
Ryals,Wilson B
Safranek,Richard D
Sams,Merril G
Samuel,Walter N.
Santee, John----------- Ramstein AB, Germany
Sargis,Arnold J
Schilhab,Erwin W-----------Chandler AZ
Schmidt,John D
1-star Schnabel, Charles H. - Deceased
Schubert,William A
Schug,Raymond J.
Seabolt,George T-----------Warner Robins GA
Sechrengost,Walter-----------Rock Hill SC
Seiler, Raymond C., PO Box 783, Overgaard, AZ  85933, Phone: (928) 535-9472, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (66-74)
Semkow,Pete-----------Richmond Hill NY
Senger,Richard G.-----------Atlanta GA
Silliman, Daniel L., POB 3491, Portland, Maine 04104, Phone: (207) 272-5137, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (64-67)
Singer,Richard G
Sinnock, Larry
Sites, Robert G., O Box 101, Leeton, MO 64761, Phone: (660) 653-4610, Email: , Squadrons: Loring AFB (60-61) Clinton Sherman AFB (61-66) Dow AFB (66-68) Fairchild AFB (68-70) Loring AFB (70-74)
Smealy,Paul E
Smicker, Thomas, Address: 520 E. Cherry Road, Quakertown PA 18951, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-65), Seymour-Johnson AFB (65-68)
Smith, Geoffrey R., Address: 1312 Bobbi Ct., Bowling Green, Phone: (270) 779-9201, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (59-63)
Smith,Harold D-----------Cullowhee NC
Smith,William M-----------Warner Robins GA
Snarponis,George-----------Las Vegas NV
Snider,Eldon M
Snyder,Glenn L-----------Panama City FL
Snyder,Jery L
Soldner,Leo O-----------The Villages FL
Spande, Gerald L, 16430 Iris Court, Lakeville, MN 5055, Phone: (952) 431-2580, Email:,  Squadrons: Loring AFB (60-64)
Sparks,Floyd W
Spencer,David L-----------Orlando FL
Srba,A.F. Capt
Steigerwalt,Franklin A.
Steinberg,Joel E----------Langhorne PA
Steinman,Ralph W-----------Brooksville FL
Stetler, Charles----------Deceased
Stiebler,Thomas J --------- League City TX
Streiff,  David O., 4933 Algonquin Trl, Antioch, TN 37013, Phone: (615) 512-6273, Squadron: Loring AFB, Ramey AFB, Grand Forks AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB,  K. I. Sawyer AFB
Stone, Richard A. , Bellaire, TX, Phone: (832) 578-8408, Email:, Squadron: Turner AFB (65-67), Loring AFB (67-71),  Blytheville AFB (71-75)
Sutton,Kenneth W
Sutton,Robert L
Teaty,Thomas W
Tekverk, John J------Sacramento, CA
1-star Tenney, William F-----------Deceased
Thompson, Forest A., 3499 Lovers Lane, Ravenna, OH 44266, Phone: (330)297-9990, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (73-74)
Thompson,Vernon B
Thoren,William T----------Bethel CT
Tinkham,Spencer G ---------- Baldwinville MA
Tofel,Richard W
Tompkins,Lawrence M
Trombley,Harry L
Tucker,Bruce C-----------Verona NY
Tweed, John W------------Limestone, ME
Ulrich,William H
Veheyen,David L
Ventucci, Allen V., Bangor, Maine, Lowry AFB (64-67)
Vigue,Bruce F
Voortheis,Wilber J
Wade, Paul R., PO Box 458, Manchester, ME 04351, Phone: (207) 441-0400, Email: , Squadron: Loring AFB (61-64)
Wagner, Cecil L.---St. Pertersburg, FL
Walker,John L----------Deceased
Wallace,James W-----------Schertz TX
Walvoord,Andrew J
Warner, Homer E --------- Falls Vhurch VA
Weaver, L.L.
Weaver, Robert L----------Unicoi, TN
Wehnke,William H-----------Rome NY
Wenberg,James O
Werchan,Kenneth R
Williams,David J------------Elkland MO
Williams,Gary L.
Williams,John F ---------- Hickory NC
Williams,William T
Wilson,James T-----------Henderson CO
Wilson, Michael E----------Mobile, AL
1-star Witty,William W-----------Deceased
Woods,Denis J
1-star Woods,Joy E.---------Deceased
Wright,David L
Wunderlich,Robert O. ----------- Limestone,  ME
Young,Alfred W
Young, Tom Jr., 500 West Esparda Drive, Georgetown, TX 78628-1351, Phone: (512) 868-5618, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (61-64)
Zaptin,Walter H --------- Crete NE
Zuntag, Robert F, 207 Pebblebrook East, Warner Robins, GA 31088, Phone: (478)_ 929-5849, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-62), Ramey AFB (62-65), K .I. Sawyer AFB (65-69),  Mather AFB (72-75)
Zurawski,Milton E


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