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Minot AFB Memories

450th - 5th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron


Squadron History

Time Line                        Factoid

1961                      Assigned to 4136th A&E as Gam Branch

1 Nov 1962             4136th AMMS Activated

1 Nov 1962             1st CO - Lt Col Donald B Caulfield

1 Feb 1963             4136th Deactivated    

1 Feb 1963             450th AMMS Activated

25 Jul 1968             450th AMMS Deactivated

25 Jul 1968             5th AMMS Transferred from Travis AFB, Calif   

30 Jun 1974            5th AMMS Deactivated


This is  Hound Dog S/N 61-2206 
that is located at the Main Gate
It is in the process of being restored.


Our AMMS Commanders


Lt. Col Donald B Caulfield

Lt. Col Edward R Fields

Lt. Col Brooks E Purdom


Lt. Col James J Orth

Capt John H Venner

Lt. Col Elden A Lorah

The 450th AMMS - 1964

Lt Ronald 
Maintenance Officer
Capt Smith - Maintenance Supervisor
CMSGT Jerry Barrette
Maintenance Superintendent

The Troops Who Did The Work

Jesse Pridgen and
Bruce McCarmack
Ed Young and Chief Jerry Barrette
H. Bennett, Bill "Beetle" Bailey
Clarence Burbick, Bill "Beetle Bailey, H. Galloway, Dan Moore
Bill Gorsche and Dean Haisch
Clarence Burbick, H. Galloway and Bill "Beetle" Bailey
H. Dossett (Tech Rep), F. Andrejewski and Karl Lipsohn
Harold Iverson and Joe Quaglia
H. Bennett and D. Camp

Briefing In Progress

That's Jesse Hyde in the back row in white. Front 2nd from L-
Joe Horn. 2nd Row L-R  Bill Bailey, Unk, Del Thomas,
Frank Hughes and Ed Haeseker 4th Row Far R - Manny Lopez
Anyone recognize anyone else ?

The 5th AMMS Flight Line Section in the 70's

Photos Courtesy of: Orion Sims

John Anderson
David Cappan
Donald Casey
Frank Petras
Leroy Shepard and an Unk
Dick Housh

Times Change, and We Change With Them


Ron  - 1964
Ron  and Ed Bade - 2002


Ed Bade - 1964

The Signs Tell the Story

Photos courtesy of: Ed Bade

L-R: Bill Lochman and Ed Bade
L-R: Dave Williams and Ed Bade
L-R: Dave Williams and Bill Lochman


Will the "REAL" Bob Squires please stand up

Lloyd Wiener says, "Age sure did improve me"

450th AMMS "Dun Good" Award ~ Mar 1, 1963

Courtesy of: John Carlson


Minot's OK Corral

Photos courtesy of: Lloyd Wiener

A Minot dog ready to be saddled and rode
Lloyd Wiener saddled up and ready to ride

Pat Bergin - The Voice That Shook The World


Memories of the Last Days

By John M. Hanyak

I left Minot AFB around December 20, 1974 and I know that the Quail guys were still going strong.  I have no idea, however, how long they remained active.  I was the next to last Hound Dog guy to leave.  David Valesques (sp?) left a short time after me.  We had spent the last six months on THE most important assignment that the "Mickey Mouse" guys could g
This was taken at the Worldspace studios in Washington, DC. where I still do a daily show via satellite for Africa, Asia and Europe

While stationed at Minot I worked part-time at KCJB, the local radio station, which served as my entre' to the industry.  I spent the first 35 years of my post AF career in radio and TV before entering the IT field on a full time basis.  

ive us--we ran the all important, vital COFFEE BAR!!!  We even made a good deal of cash that we gave to the wives or used to purchase new items for the bar.  It was a blast while it lasted.  I always wondered how others might have spent their last days once their squadrons were deactivated.  I was on deact status from Jan 1 to Dec 20, 1974.  A lot of time to fill.  Once we got all the missiles were unloaded and parked, we worked real hard--about 5-10 minutes a day checking the nitrogen in the tanks.  After most of the others left, about 10 of us took time to open the fuel tanks, dismantling the various areas so "Mickey Mouse" could move into them and other minor items.  We spent most of the time playing Hearts or talking about some book, our cars and, what else, GIRLS or Wives. 

Quail Mobil Training Detachment Class - 1962

Quail Bunch III Minot AFB circa 1962
(1) MTS Instructor, (2) unknown, (3) William S. Whitaker, (4) Max (W. M.) Mercer, (5) unknown,  (6) John F. Fisher, &  (7) W. A. Lewis. Photo courtesy of Max Mercer.  If you can identify the unknown troops drop me a line

5th & 450th AMMS Troops Past & Present

Please send me a recent photograph of yourself for inclusion in this photo gallery

5th AMMS Hound Dogs Assigned In 1974

60-5586  61-2133  61-2156  61-2161  61-2177  61-2188  61-2205  61-2206  61-2226  61-2233 
61-2262  61-2269  61-2311  61-2321  61-2331  62-0063  62-0064  62-0065  62-0067  62-0088 



450th-5th AMMS
Personnel Roster


Achtau, Hussein (Gus)
1-star Alexander,Gary M-----------Deceased
Alexander,Robert B
1-star Anderson, John R-----------Deceased
Andrejewski,Francis W.
Apman,John M
Atkinson,Richard F.-----------Cheyenne WY
Aube,Richard M-----------Bellevue NE
Azzarello, Greg
Babb, James H ., 1621 67th St. NW, ,Minot, ND 58703, Phone: (701) 240-1822, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-65)
1-star Bade, Edward C. - Deceased
Bailey,William E-----------Reedville VA
Baker Everett S., 2600 S Holly, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, Phone: (605)367-1110, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (70-72)
Baker,Gerald W-----------Little Rock AR
1-star Baldwin,David W.----------Deceased
Barretta,Stephen----------San Jose CA
Barrette,Jerry-----------Warner Robins GA
Barrow,Gary W------------Midland TX
1-star Benedict,Chester L-----------Deceased
Bennett,Hubert G.
Benson,Daniel R----------Sebring FL
Bentz,Dawson N
Bergin, Patrick M., 4411 Caven Ct N, Fredericksburg, VA 22408, Phone: (703) 738-3468, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (64-67)
Best,George E
Bidgood,Dwain-----------Portland OR
Bishop,John H
,Ronald B----------Sadieville KY
Blocker, Arthur R
Boone, Jimmie L., 13422 Yosemite Dr, Westminster, Calif. 92683,  Phone: (714) 891-0040, Beale AFB (71-76), Minot AFB (76-79)
Booth,William E
1-star Bowman, Hima P----------Deceased
Brazell,Gary R
Breen,William-----------Lincoln IL
Brennan,Charles E.
Brennan, Joseph
Brewer, Ernest D., 2906 E Blue Grass Trl, Bland, VA 24315, Phone: (276) 688-3740, Minot AFB (73-76)
1-star Bridges, Franklin R. - Deceased
Brinker,Clement B-----------LaVista NE
Brock, William A., 137 Foster Dr., Marshall, TX, 75672, Phone: (903)938-4618, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (66-67), Beale AFB (67-71), Minot AFB (71-73), Chanute AFB - Instructor
Brown,Otis R., 78 Piedmont Dr, Palm Coast, FL 32164, Phone: (386) 313-5313, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-65), Warner Robins AFB (65-70), Barksdale AFB (70-74)
Brown, Randy --------- Clever MO
Bundy,William T
Buras,Larry D--------AlvaradoTX
Burbick,Clarence P-----------Lake Havasu AZ
Burge,Henry W
Butinski,Victor H----------Houston TX
1-star Camp, Darrell E.-Deceased
Campbell,Donald W
Canada,James C
1-star Cappan, David M-----------Deceased
Carlson, John L., 9754 Sunset Terrace, Clive, IA 50325, Phone: (515) 223-4689, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (60-64)
Carpenter, Don M ----------Deceased
Carr,Ralph S----------Hendersonville NC
1-star Casey, Donald L. - Deceased
Cate,Bennie E-----------Bossier City LA
1-star Caulfield,Donald B----------Deceased
1-star Clark,Charles B.B. --------- Deceased
Clark,Warren-----------Livingston TX
Cleaveland, Dale R. ----Easley, SC
1-star Coleman,George P.----------Deceased
Coleman,Hoyte A
Collins,Carl L
Cooper Jr., Edwin E., 220 New Jersey Rd., Brooklawn, NJ 08030, Phone: None, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (64-67)
Corbin,Carl L-----------Olympia WA
1-star Cordell, Jerry R-----------Deceased
Coronado,Joe-----------Huffman TX
Crabb,Ronald E-----------Urbandale IA
Crandall, Patrick G
Curl, Roy (Jack) J., 213 Forest Mill Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31088, Phone: (478) 923-9092, Email:, Squadron:  Minot AFB (61) 65), Beale AFB (70-72), Seymour Johnson AFB (72-73, Robins AFB (73-77)
1-starCurl, William D-----------Deceased
Danaher,Donald------------Medical Lake WA
Davis, Manuel Jr.
Davis, Robert C. (Red)----------Lucedale, MS
Davis, Robert D ------- Fort Worth TX
Davisson, William----Victorville, CA
DeBurra,David R.----------Spokane WA
Deihl,William E-----------Melbourne FL
Dembroski,Phillip J.-----------Anchorage AK
Deming II, Theodore (Ted) R., 412 Oak St  - PO Box 147, Smithfield, IL 61477, Phone: (309) 783-2723, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (61 – 64)
Dennison,Richard L
Derflinger, James H., 8015 Alspach Rd., Lancaster, Ohio 43130, Phone: (614) 837-8503, Email:, Squadron: Wright-Patterson AFB (65-68)  Minot AFB (68)
Dicks,Richard D-----------Alexandria OH
Dingman,Dennis A
Dixon,Victor R-----------Vandalia OH
Dunbar, Timothy C., W268 S8350 Alpine Dr., Mukwonago, WI 53149, Phone: (262) 363-4914, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (64-67)
Dutton, Glenn E., Address: 5250 Harlon Rd, Bastrop LA 71220, Phone: (318) 281-3048, Email:, Squadron: Walker AFB (62-65), Robins AFB (65-67), Minot AFB (69-71), Blytheville AFB (71-78)
Dutton,Ron-----------Lind WA
1-star Dzenowagis, William J.----------Deceased
Elwood, Harry, 349 E Harrison Ave, Galloway NJ 08205, Phone: (609) 464-0287, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-65)
Engeldinger, Paul R., 9420 Project Rd So,  Burlington,ND,  58722,  (701) 852-6956,  Email:, Sqadron: Minot AFB (69-74), Mather AFB (74-75)
Erstad,Donald P
Evans,William A
1-star Ewton, James M.----------Deceased
Faltynowicz,Thomas K----------Mooringsport LA
Fick, Robert W.----------Cornucopia, WI
Fields,Edward R
Fisher,John F
Fitzpatrick,Chuck---------Velva ND
Ford,Jimmy C
Foulks,Francis D
Fox,Marvin E.
1-star Francis, Ralph ---Deceased
Freier,William H
French,Stanley L
1-star Galloway, Herman W.-----------Deceased
Gardiner,Clark T-----------Bear DE
Gavin,Roy E----------Mokena IL
Gilbert,Robert C----------Kennesaw GA
Godzwa,Theodore H----------Indianapolis IN
Gorsche, William G., 430 Greenbrier Ln, Lowell, IN 46356-1791, Phone: (219) 690-1385, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-64)
Gosbee,David A.
Green,Kenneth W
Green, Robert D
Griffin, Jesse L---------Minot ND
Haeseker,Edward J----------Federal Way WA
Hagar,James W-----------Columbus MS
1-star Haisch, Walter D----------Deceased
Hansen,Charles M
Hansen,Kenneth J
Hanyak, John, M., Address: 190 Cool Creek Drive, CityStateZip: Willow Spring, NC 27592, Phone: +1 (919) 902-2389, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (72-74)
Hart,Chester C
Hartman,Richard H.
Hasker, Robert
Hawks, Roy L., 131 Woods Mill Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534, Phone: (919) 778-9958, Email:,Squadron: Robins AFB (60-67), Minot AFB (67-71) Seymour Johnson AFB (71-79)
Henderson, David J.
1-star Henkel, Eugene R.----------Deceased
Henry,William P
Hermansen, Hartley K., 10623 Lambrusca Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Phone: (916) 635-1850, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (60-62), Beale AFB (62-67), Robins AFB (67-70), Minot AFB (70-75), Mather AFB (75-78)
Hill, Donald A. ----------Port St Lucie, FL
Hoelzel,Miles V------------Lewisville TX
Holt,Drew-----------Anchorage AK
1-star Honican, John T----------- Deceased
Horn,Joe W.
Horn,Tracy---------Minot ND
1-star House, Cecil H-----------Deceased
Huff,Orval S----------Indianapolis IN
Hunt, Roderick L-----------Fair Oaks, CA
1-star Hyde, Jesse L. - Deceased
Irish,John C
Iverson,Eugene---------Minot ND
Iverson,Harold A
Jakubowski, James J. ----------Midland, MI
Jardine,Robert L
Jarm,Ronald F-----------Roswell NM
Jenkins Jr., James B., 23 Landing Lane, Bluffton, SC 29909, Phone: (843) 298-4040, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (71-78)
Johnson,Jackie E
Johnson,Jaun----------Mesa AZ
Johnson,Jim-----------Merritt Island FL
Johnson,Robert W
Jones,Douglas F
Jones,Richard A
Jones,Ronald D
Kasker, Robert
Kielgas, Donald R.-------Fort Meyers, FL
King,Martin---------Blaine MN
Knoop,Jacob R
Kruger,  Mahlon (Lon) S. -----------Austin, MN
Kunze,Donald C-----------Lewiston ID
Langan,Allen K
Lassiter,R.C. Jr
1-star Lautz, Donald D. -Deceased
Leinard,Vern C
1-star Lipsohn, Karl P.----------Deceased
Lochman,William C-----------Independence,  MO
1-star Logue, Olin J-----------Deceased
1-star Loibl, John E.----------Deceased
Lorah,Elden A
1-star Luquire, John W. ---------- Deceased
1-star Mack, Ralph H----------Deceased
Maldonado,Mario----------Austin TX
1-star Martiens, Heinric-----------Deceased
Masters,George---------Minot ND
Matthews,Russell T
McAleese,Charles-----------Orange City FL
MacCall, James
1-star McCormack, Bruce-----------Deceased
McGann,Joseph B-----------Tucson AZ
1-star McLendon, James A Jr----------Deceased
1-starMcMorrow, John H-----------Deceased
Mercer,Willard M-----------Manassas VA
Messer,John-----------Towanda IL
Meyer,Fred H
Meyer,Robert P.
Miller, Lon
Miller,Stephen E
Miller,William D
Mills,Eldon D
Milner, Roger R ---------- Dawson GA
Moore,Daniel W
Mueller, Ronald E
Neal, Jr., Charles M., 19723 Laurette Dr., Porter, TX  77365, Phone: (281) 354-4314, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-63), Columbus AFB (63-64)
Nightingale, Gary------Portland, OR
1-star Northrup, Bobby H----------Deceased
O’Brien, William
Offerman, Eugene L---------Kankakee IL
Orth,James-----------Austin TX
Overby, Robert
Page, Paul R., 4504 Jeff Road, Toney, AL  35773, Phone: (256) 851-9380, Email:,  Squadron: Minot AFB (60-66), Robins AFB (66-69)
Paschedag,Donald W------------Granite City IL
Paulson,Larry K------------Bend OR
Penix,Charles R
Peterson, Ray
Peterson,Ronald A
Petras,Frank M-----------Citrus Height CA
Phillips,Ronald G.
Pier,Dwayne F-----------Mt Juliet TN
Pirkle, Carl F----------Byron, GA
1-star Pollock, Scott T. - Deceased
Porter, Roy
Potts,Richard P-----------Sarasota FL
Poust, James L., 12468 Brady Place, Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223, Phone: 904-262-7862, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (68-70)
Prater, Neil
Pridgen,Jesse R---------Hillsboro OR
1-star Primm, Jimmy A ----------Deceased
Pugh,George---------Jamica NY
1-star Purdom, Brooks E----------Deceased
Pyle,Donald V
Quaglia,Joseph A------------Minot ND
Reed, Charles Scott, Address: 430 West Louis Way, Tempe, AZ 85284, Phone: 480-491-3862,Email:, Squadron: Chanute AFB 64-65), Walker AFB (65-67), Minot AFB (67-68)
Rheinhardt,Jerry W----------Mt Vernon IN
Ribbach, John (Jack), 1300 S. Sunset Ave, Roswell, NM 88203, Phone: (575) 623-1284, Email:, Squadron: Walker (60-67), Minot (67-74)
Ricard, Carl, 296 Broad St., Hollis NH 03049, Phone: (603) 321-0900, Email:, Squadron:  Minot AFB
Roberts,Harry P----------St Clairsville OH
Rudolph,James M-----------Petoskey MI
Ryan, Vincent
1-star Sale, Leonard - Deceased
Sanderson,Lawrence D.
Santos, Edward
Schaffeman,John-----------Bonners Ferry ID
Schneider,Charles L-----------Crystal MN
Schroeder,John S
Schultz,Dale S ---------- Minot ND
Schultz,Robert A
Scriven,Gene---------- Bulverde TX
Sale, Leonard H., 1001 Mustang Ct, Springtown, TX 76082, Phone: (817) 677-2860, Clinton Sherman AFB (67-68), Ramey AFB (68-70), Minot AFB (70-73)
See,Ronald L
Seeley, Willam (Skip)
Shults, Roy L
1-star Simmons,Joseph D----------Deceased
Sims,Orion W-----------St Petesburg FL
Skamel, Joseph P., Globe, AZ, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (67-68) Minot AFB (68-70) Seymour Johnson AFB (70-71) Chanute AFB-Instructor
Smith,Daniel A
1-star Speight, Grady M----------Deceased
Squires,Robert L.-----------Webster TX
Stack, Gary
Stiffler,Donald R
1-star Stine, Ronald L-----------Deceased
Stoker,Dana R -------- Lake Havasu City AZ
Stradinger,Richard J.-----------Rapid City SD
Strehlow,Freddie E
Swingle, Donald O
1-star Swinson, Cletus L-----------Deceased
Tafolla, Joe, Schertz,TX, Email: , Grand Forks AFB (61-64), Mather AFB (64-67), Ramey AFB (67-70),  Minot AFB (70-71), Barksdale AFB (72-75)
Talkington, Chris R.----Twin Falls, ID
Tatum,Charles A
Tessman Jr., Harold----Dearborn Heights, MI
Thomas,Delmas B.-----------Salisbury MD
1-star Thompson, Earl P----------Deceased
Thompson,Robert E----------Oak Hill WV
Trambley, Thomas J., 1333 W 32nd St., Erie, PA 16508, Phone: (814) 868-1389, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (66-70)
1-star Tratebas III, John - Deceased
Treherne, Joseph
1-star Truitt, Jerry L. - Deceased
Turner, Allen H
1-star Umholtz, Roger C-----------Deceased
Valente,Henry F.-----------Malakoff TX
Vantine, Wayne
1-star Velayas, Michael E.----------Deceased
1-star Venner, John H.----------Deceased
Vercammen, John----------Turlock CA
Vernon, William E'
1-star Von Gunden, Vernon H.----------Deceased
Voss,Robert W----------Aledo TX
Wade,Terrell G
1-star Wagner,Roger L.-----------Deceased
Wagner,Wayne F
Walker,Johnny M-----------Wrens GA
Ward,Francis D
Watkins,Kenneth A
Weaver,David W----------Versailles IN
Weed,William D-----------Tampa FL
Wells, Noel "Dwain", Address: 1101 Stoneoak Lane, Austin, TX 78745-5441, Phone: (512) 517.5657, Email:,  Squadron: Bergstrom AFB (61-64), Minot AFB (64-68), Blytheville AFB (68-70)
Wheeler,Otis K
Whitaker,William S.
Whitehead,Stuart L.
Wiener, Lloyd, 7809 Ever Clear Ct., Las Vegas, NV, Phone: (561) 706-1324, Email:,  Squadron: Minot AFB (61-64)
Williams,David J------------Elkland MO
1-star Williamson, Charles R. - Deceased
Wilson, Arthur T. (Dean), 704 Pro Rodeo Dr. Spearfish, SD 57783, Phone: (605) 642-3878, Email:,  Squadron: Wright Patterson AFB (60-66), Seymour Johnson AFB (66-70). Minot AFB (70-74)
Wiss,Lawrence D----------Ft Worth TX
Witt, Donald E
1-star Wlascinski,  Zygmunt J---------- Deceased
Wojcik,Stanley J---------Henning MN
Worden,Raymond A-----------Fowler CO
Wysong, Rick L., 1049 Meadow Lark Dr., Enon, OH, 45323, Phone: (937) 864-7898, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (72-75), Wurtsmith AFB (75-79)
Yee, Arnold
Yost,Gerard R-----------Ellwood City PA
1-star Young, Edwin D. ----------- Deceased
Zerra,Steven P----------Feeding Hills MA
Zimmerman,Ronald E-----------Shannon IL

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