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Columbus AFB Memories

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454th AMMS Memories


Squadron History

Time Line                      Factoid

Nov 1961              Assigned to 4228th A&E as GAM Branch    

1 Nov 1962            4228th AMMS Activated

1 Feb 1963            4228th AMMS Deactivated

1 Feb 1963            454th AMMS Activated

Jul 1969                454th AMMS  Deactivated


Lt Col Frank F Klienwechter

Maint Superintendent
CMsgt Urban Morrow



Neely, Sloan, Walsh, Townsend, Morgan, Romano, Wells, Bomke, Wilson, Morrow, Lakin, Whiteside, Kleinwechter, Spies.



Yesterdays Memories


Aircraft and Crew of a 454th live launch Sept 5, 1964
Col Kleinwechter, Jackie Wells, B.D. Morgan and H. Sloan with AirCrew


Missiles Hung with PRIDE

RBS Shack Award 1963


Lovelace, Lambe and Miles

ColumbusServicing_300x220Ammonia Servicing Operation

ColumbusGuidance_320x220Guidance Shop - William Lakin


Gordon Whiteside receiving SAC Educational Achievement Award from Col Kleinwechter

Frank Townsend trying to do a little training with Chief Joe Savery

Time Passes and Yes, We Get Older


Bruno Sinopoli on the left says he will associate wih anybody. That's Al Millis of Turner AFB  in the center and
John DeSousa of Fairchild AFB on the right.

454thWilliamsDwg_319x240From the talents of Vernon Williams

Reunion 2004
Front L-R, Charlie Neal, Vernon Williams, David Spenser and Frank Townsend.
Back L-R, Aldoria Riendeau, John Landers,
Colin McDonald, Lin Lacy and
Henry Wojciechowski


Nose To Nose in Columbus


A drawing by: Vernon Williams


454th AMMS Photo Gallery

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454th AMMS Troops Today

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454th  AMMS Personnel Roster


NOTICE: The following format will be used on all  future updates to the website:  Last name, first name, middle initial (in bold print), address, telephone number, email address (with a link to contact you), bases assigned to along with dates.   Individuals that are deceased will have a gold star placed in front of their names.  If there is any information that you do not want published with your listing, please indicate that when you submit your updates.

Abernathy,Charles M
1-starAllstadt, Rudolph-----------Deceased
Anderson,Earl F
1-star Arco, Joe-----------Deceased
Asher,Michael R
Bagley, Edwin J., 5330 Chimney Rock, Canyon Lake, TX 78133, Phone: none, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB (65-67)
Bainbridge,Thomas A ------- Papillion NE
Baird,Walter C-----------Purvis MS
Barnes,Paul E-----------Claremore OK
Barron,Glynn D-----------Bossier City LA
Bates,William R-----------Highlands Ranch CO
Baugnan, William ---------- Greetna LA
Bean,Robert D
Becvar,Fred L-----------Kansas City MO
Bell,John N-----------Albuquerque NM
Bernd,David P-----------Albuquerque NM
1-star Bomke,Earl W-----------Deceased
Bond, James F----------- Jonesburg MO
Borst, Ronald D ---------- Bossier City LA
Boyle, Gerald
Bozzard,Paul E
Brohls,Robert-----------Ray MI
Brown, John R -------- Atwater CA
Broocks,Travis H-----------Columbus MS
Brust,John G-----------Bradenton FL
Cade,Jerry-----------Columbus MS
Carrier,Maurice J-----------Spokane WA
Casebolt,Richard-----------Cleveland OK
Casey,Charles W-----------Jacksonville AL
Chandler,Roger L
Churchhill,Lloyd J-----------Oklahoma City OK
1-star Clark, Charles B -------- Deceased
Cooke,Lavohn H-----------Santa Maria CA
Cooper,Johnny L-----------Bainbridge GA
Copley,Don L-----------Tampa FL
Crotwell, Donald W., 4348 Oak Street, Prnson, AL 35126, Phone: (205) 681-0455, Columbus AFB (61-64)
Curths,Lyle-----------Magalia CA
Dames,George K-----------Philadelphia PA
Davis,Quinton D-----------Aberdeen MD
Decker,Lauren R ---------- Waynesville PA
1-star Devlin, George-----------Deceased
Diegel,William M ----------- New Freedom PA
Dreylick,Robert A-----------Newport News VA
1-star Dunton, Ralph-----------Deceased
Ehart,Fred-----------Grandview WA
Ellis,Jason G-----------Carrollton GA
1-star English, Arlin-----------Deceased
1-star Ewton, James M --------- Deceased
1-star Fleming, Joel R. - Deceased
Gillis,Dennis M-----------Harrison MI
Gladney,Erbia-----------Wichita KS
Goff,William D
Golden.Henry-----------Irvin CA
Guerra,Steve-----------Las Vegas NV
Hacker,David G-----------Kingsley MI
Hagar,James W-----------Columbus MS
Haire,Winford J-----------Bonaire GA
1-star Hale, Thomas W-----------Deceased
Hall,Neale-----------Moreno Valley CA
1-star Hanley, Kenneth-----------Deceased
HarrellRobert C
Haycox,Lovell G ------- Columbus MS
Haynes,William K ----------- Monahan TX
1-star Hollen, Ronald C-----------Deceased
Holmes,Jimmy L
Hosman, Richard K-----------Rantoul IL
Hough, Charles T-----------Ft. Walton Beach,  FL
1-star Howell, George R-----------Deceased
James,William C-----------Sapula OK
Johnson,William M-----------North Pole AK
Jones,James C-----------Kingwood TX
Jouget, James C., 3408 Haven Place, Falls Church,VA 22041-1705, Phone: 571-274-1381, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Kelley,Jackie L
1-star King, Dennis P----------- Deceased
1-star Klienwechter, Frank F. - Deceased
Labishak,Robert G-----------Kennerdell PA
Lacy,Line-----------Houston MS
Lakin,William A-----------Talbott TN
Lambe, Bernard F-----------LaGrange NC
1-star Landers, John E. - Deceased
Larson,George P
LeCates, Charles (Burt), Address: PO Box 412, Piedmont, SD 57769, Phone:(605) 787-4709, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB (60-67), Barksdale AFB (67-71), KI Sawyer AFB (71-74)
Lile, Terry ---------- Columbus MS
1-star Loughlin, Gene L -------- Deceased
1-star Lovelace,William R-----------Deceased
Marcoullier,Donald J-----------Oscoda MI
1-star Martin, Blake H----------- Deceased
Martinez, Frank
Masar,John A ----------- West Islip NY
Matthews,Travis G
Mayfield,Victor W-----------Alpine AL
McCleary,Albert R
McDonald, Colen R. PO Box 44, Bonaire, GA 31005, Phone: (478) 329-1337, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB (61-66), Robins AFB (66-74)
1-star Miles, Lamar A-----------Deceased
Moore,James A
Morgan, Brynn D “Dick”-----------Greenville, SC
Morrison,George V-----------Cherokee AL
1-star Morrow, Urban W --------- Deceased
Nance,Paul A-----------Columbus MS
Neal, Jr., Charles M., 19723 Laurette Dr., Porter, TX  77365, Phone: (281) 354-4314, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-63), Columbus AFB (63-64)
1-star Neely, Claude A-----------Deceased
Oaks,W.R.-----------Columbus MS
O'Brien, Gregory L., Address: 1038  San Simeon Dr., Phone: (520) 458-4721, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Orr,Robert A
1-star Passons, John E. - Deceased
Pate,Aaron E-----------Blythville AR
1-star Peters, William L-----------Deceased
Peterson,Richard E
Pettyjohn, John W. ““Wayne” -----------Athens GA
Pickering,Billy J-----------Miami FL
Pittman,Joe-----------Eagle Lake FL
Poindexter,Charles A-----------West Point MS
Pond,Walter C
Porter,Raymond E-----------Savannah GA
Powell,Floyd A
1-star Purdom, Brooks E-----------Deceased
Randall,Lee M
1-star Reiland, Lloyd----------- Deceased
Rhodes,Lawrence W
Riendeau, Aldoria A --------- Robertsdale AL
Robbins,Von L
Rodney, James R., 3518 12th Ave., Moline, IL 61265, Phone: (309) 737-5699, Email: jrr1941@AOL.COM, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB (62-64), Columbus AFB (64-66)
1-star Savery, Joseph M -----------Deceased
Sealse,Paul-----------Abilene TX
Sharp,Pete-----------Prineville OR
Shirley,William D-----------Anderson SC
1-star Shuman, Bobby G----------- Deceased
Sinopoli, Bruno “Buzz”, 1460 Rosewood Ave., Dunedin, FL 34698, Phone: (727) 736-2605, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB,    Grand Forks AFB,   Chanute AFB IL - (Instructor)    Wright-Patterson AFB - Instructor FTD)
Sloan,Harold J-----------Fort Worth TX
Smith,Bobby C-----------Houston MS
1-star Smith, Dallas B-----------Deceased
Smith,Quentin D-----------Denver CO
Smith, Ronald P., 126 N Pauaha St., Apt 421, Honolulu, HI 96817, Squadrons: Columbus AFB (61-64)
1-star Southworth, Carl W. (Tech Rep) - Deceased
Snipes,George L-----------Warner Robins GA
Spencer,David L-----------Orlando FL
1-star Steen, Charles L-----------Deceased
Strickland, Willie E ------------ Greenville NC
1-star Stringer, Harold A-----------Deceased
Summerville,Chesley W-----------Oscoda MI
1-star Taggart, Charles L --------- Deceased
1-star Thorn, Clive G-----------Deceased
Townsend, Franklin D,  1552 Hawaiian Palm Lane, Apopka, FL 32712, Phone: 407-493-6444, Email:, Squadrons: Columbus AFB (60-64), Homestead AFB (64-65), Bergstrrom AFB (65-66)
Vanacore, Mike ---------- Miami FL
Vance,Donald-----------Sun City AZ
Vaughter, Gene --------- Naples FL
1-star Von Schipman, William J. - Deceased
Wadsworth,Alvin D-----------Escondido CA
Walsh,Hubert-----------Merced CA
Warner,Frank C-----------Proctor, AR
Warren,James C
Weatherly, Charles ------- Ft Valley GA
Weldon, James R ---------- Laupahoehoe HI
1-star Wells, Jackie L-----------Deceased
Whiteside,Gordon K-----------Boaz AL
Williams, Robert G------- Sarasota FL
Williams,Vernon B ------- Mammoth Spring AR
Wilson,Lowell R
Wilson,William X
Wojciechowski, Henry V., Address: 2534 River Road, Cowansville, PA  16218, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB (61-64)
Wolanski, Lawrence L
Wood,Thomas V
Woodall,Harold A-----------Bellevue WA



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