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Button-Honor Roll

Seymour Johnson AFB Memories

68th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron


Squadron History

Time Line                       Factoid

1960                      Assigned to 4241st A&E

1 Nov 1962             4241st AMMS Activated

Feb 1963                Commander: Maj Roy Vick

15 Apr 1963           4241st AMMS Deactivated

15 Apr 1963            68th AMMS Activated

30 Jun 1974            68th AMMS Deactivated


The 68th AMMS Chronicles

Courtesy of: Joe Bruch




The First To Become Operational - July 1960

The following series of photos were taken in August 1960 when the GAM'a were first set up as part of the 4241st A&E Squadron, later to be the 68th AMMS. All courtesy of: Joe Bruch



An area view
Combined Systems Building



Remember how Station # 1 looked in the early days ?  (Note the air conditioner running out the Hangar door)



The Guidance and Flight Control Shop

The Vace Shop
The AGE Shop
Ammonia Servicing area

SJEngineShop_360x240Do you remember the Engine Shop?

Your Combined Systems Crew hard at work.
The 1st Missile being sent to the 4241st Gam Hangar

Photos of the Past, Present and Future

Dan Ross at his smiling best.
Dan Ross when he isn't smiling
How about some of you old guys sit down at your computer and send me a few photos of your Seymour Johnson escapades.
(good or bad)

An Open House in 1963

Photos courtesy of: Victor Schrishuhn

Victor Schrishuhn's wife Margaret and new baby Roberta at the "Open House"
Arny Ponkow inspecting one of the Hound Dogs.  Courtesy of: Mike Ponkow

68th AMMS Hound Dogs Assigned In 1974

60-5575  60-5585  61-2151  61-2165  61-2167  61-2171  61-2238  61-2240  61-2247  61-2265  61-2287  61-2289  61-2293  61-2320  62-0034  62-0091  62-0103  62-0110  62-0138  62-0141  62-0153  62-0171  62-0173

AGMGifR03 ADM20R03ADM20R03


68th AMMS Troops Past & Present

Send me a copies of your photographs for inclusion in these photo galleries.  Click Here!


68th AMMS Personnel Roster


Afdahl,Norman G
Agard,Jack C
1-star Aiken, James E -------- Deceased
Baker, William A-----------Goldsboro NC
Beckhem,Jeffrey A
Belcher, Clarence E
Bell, Rupert W -------- Winston Salem NC
Bell,Kenneth D.-----------Montgomery AL
Bergmann, Charles ------- Vancleave MS
Blanchard, Elton L. ------------Conroe, TX
Bloodsworth, Robert D.,344 Rosewood Rd., Goldsboro, NC 27530, Phone: (919) 736-3413, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (59-65), Blytheville AFB (65-71),  Seymour Johnson AFB (71-76)
Boaz, Clifford L., P.O. Box 877, Fort Fairfield, ME 04742, Phone: (207) 540-0277, Email: , Squadron: Loring AFB (55-59), Seymour Johnson AFB (60-63), Turner AFB (63-67), Loring AFB (67-69), Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-73), Loring AFB (73-74)
Bosley,Hugh B. Jr.
Bradford, Rocky, 1713 College Av, Panama City, FL 32405, Phone: (850) 774-1809, Email:,  Squadrons: Turner AFB (62-67) Seymour Johnson AFB (67-70) Fairchild AFB (70-72)
1-star Bratcher, William----------Deceased
Britton,James W.
Brown, John R -------- Atwater CA
Bumbacher.Milton S.
Burbick, Clarence P-----------Port Angeles, WA
 Callahan, Nelson H------Deceased
Carlucci,John A
Carter,Thomas A.
1-star Casenhiser, David I----------- Deceased
Casey, Donald L. -------Guthrie OK
Cassell,Winfred R. , 157 Hurt Road SW, Smyrna GA 30082, Phone: (770) 436-7297, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (62-64)
Catrow, Robert W., Martinsburg, WV, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (70-73)
Caylor,Rex E -------- Barnardville NC
Champagne,Douglas F-------------Portage MI
Champlin,Lonnie M. Jr.-----------Goldsboro NC
Claiborne,Willie----------- Livingston TX
Clampffer,Thomas A------------Melbourne FL
Cochran,Bruce------------Seymour IN
Colburn,Walter L.
Collier,George E.
1-star Conger, Gerald R.-----------Deceased
Conley, James------Charleston, WV
Cook,David L-----------Rantoul IL
Corazzo,Armond J.
Cornett, James G.-----------Burnside KY
Corrick, Edward O. ---------- Cullman, AL
Couch, Ray -------- Rome GA
Coy, Jackie O. , 305 Old Mill Stream Lane, Sheperdsville, KY 40165, Phone: (502) 551-4282, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (64-67)
Crenshaw,Buck -------- Pasadena CA
Curl, Roy (Jack) J.----------Warner Robins, GA
Dail,Louis W.
1-star Daniel, George E ---------- Deceased
1-star Davis, Leroy --------- Deceased
Decker, Thomas A., Address: 4224 W. 58th St., Cleveland, OH 44144, Phone: 1-216-741-6889, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (65-68)
Delano,Richard J.
Drosta,Eugene A.
Durbin, Paul C -------- Burgaw NC
Durstock, Russell W. ------- Ft. Wright, KY
Eaddy,Goldwyn S.-----------Kingstree SC
1-star Efrid, John W.------------Deceased
Elam,Truman J.
Erway,James S. Jr.
1-star Eskridge,Graham Ray - Deceased
Evans,Lawrence F.-----------Kissimmee FL
Faircloth, Louis R -------- Burgaw NC
Farley,Lloyd H. Jr.------------Woodbridge VA
Farris,Preston C.
Ferra,Peter-----------Fairborn OH
Fish,Charles W.
Frankhouser, Michael D ------- Florence, OR
Gadman,Frank W.-----------Karnack TX
Garner,James H.
Garrett,Jackie-----------Meadowview VA
Gibbons,Phillip K.
Gibson,David W.
Gibson,Edwin G --------- Rapid City SD
Gill, David------Indianapolis, IN
James W. Glidden, 152 Gumtree Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Phone: (916) 208-9864, Email:, Squadron:  Seymour Johnson AFB (60-62), Wurtsmith AFB (62-66), Griffis AFB (70-74), Beale AFB (74-76)
Gonzales,Diege S
Gremillion, Earl J., Address: 318 Knobbs Road, CityStateZip: McDade, Texas 78650, Phone: +1 (512) 273-2755, Email:, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB
Hall,Leon J.
Halladay,Ronald K
Halliday,William J.
Hamm,Robert E
Harrison,Charles E.
Harrison, Glen W.
Harshfield, Lawrence -------- Seattle WA
1-star Hatcher, John T -------- Deceased
Hawks, Roy L., 131 Woods Mill Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534, Phone: (919) 778-9958, Email:,Squadron: Robins AFB (60-67), Minot AFB (67-71) Seymour Johnson AFB (71-79)
Hearn,George G.
Helminiak,Roland R
Henderson, David J.., 259 Harmony Drive, OH 43015-4332, Phone: (614) 203-7628, Email: , Squadrons: Turner AFB (65-67), Grand Forks AFB (67-69), Seymour Johnson AFB (69-73), Wright Patterson AFB (73-75)
Hildebrant, Charles D., Address: 4808 County Road 117A, CityStateZip: Wildwood , FL 34785, Phone: +1 (352) 748-3447, Email: JPMNOFWW@AOL.COM, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (59-64), Beale AFB (64-70), Pease AFB (70-73)
1-star Hoback, Carl L-----------Deceased
Hogan,Frank H.
Holcomb,Robert B
Holsinger, Jeffery L., 111 Magnolia Bend, Lufkin, TX 75904, Phone: (936) 875-5312, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (70-74)
Hooks,George W. Jr.
Isenhour, Edward A --------- Granite Falls NC
Jacobs,  Ralph----Rutherfordton, NC
Jenkins, James D----------- Bonaire,  GA
1-star Keene, Joseph P----------Deceased
1-star King, James L. ----------- Deceased
Kirkendall, Clarence --------- Haughton LA
Lagelle,James B.
1-star Lambert, Harry L-----------Deceased
Langdon,Stanley A.
Lavalle,Larry L --------- Caribou ME
1-star Ledbetter, Shirley E----------Deceased
Leinweber,Lawrence-----------Bradenton FL
Lindsey, Glenn H
Litchfield, Ken, Waynesboro, VA 22980, Phone: NA, Email:,  Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (70-73)

Long,Willard L
Loomis,David T.
1-star Mann, Raymond L------------ Deceased
Manning,Ronald A
Marino, Bernard “Bernie” ------ Beavercreek OH
Marroquin, Maximino-----Colorado Springs, CO
Martin,Everett G
1-star Mason, Donald F-----------Deceased
Mathews,Jack R.
Mattis,Carter H.-----------Bossier City LA
McEwen,Alan E.-----------Nokomis FL
1-star McGuann, John (Jack) – Deceased
McIntosh,David R.
McIntosh, John D --------- Claremont NC
Menke,Robert J.
1-star Miller, Gene ------------ Deceased
Milliken,Donald H.
Moose Jr., Dewey H, 3559 Valiant Ave SW, Concord, NC 28027, Phone: (704) (788) 8616, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (64-65), Ramey AFB (65-67) Griffis AFB (67-68)
Morren,Ralph D
Morris,Vernon L.
Motz,Paul E.-----------Greenwood IN
1-star Mullineaux, Donald A.-----------Deceased
Neal,Bradley C.-----------Rantoul IL
Needham, James O., 6387 Bartlett Rd., Rome, NY  13440, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Dow AFB (60-65),  Seymour Johnson AFB (65-68),  Robins AFB (68-70),  Loring AFB (70-78),  Griffiss AFB (78-80)
Northup,John H.
Palmer,Gene C.-----------Goldsboro NC
Paulos,Arthur A
Person,Walter E.
Phipps,Ronald W.
Pickwell,William G.
Pier,Dwayne F-----------Mt Juliet TN
Ponkow,Arnold A. ---------- Pocatello ID
1-star Prahl, Thomas M. -------- Deceased
Price, Albert R., 205 N. Smith St., New Carlisle, OH 45344, Phone: (937)272-9871, Email:,  Squadron: Fairchild AFB (71-72), Robins AFB (72-76), Seymour Johnson AFB (76-78), Mather AFB (78-83)
Purvey,Merlin C.
Pusa,Donald J.----------Coffeyville KS
Quillen,John E.
Quintero, Richard, 1104 Netherlands Ct., Silver Spring, MD 20905, Phone: (301) 384-2183, Email:, Squadron: Seymore Johnson AFB (64-67)
Ray,Howard S. Jr.
Rebtoy,Charles F.
Reifke,James M.
Reynolds, Clarence William, Address: 21503 Old Linclon Hwy, Crescent, IA 51526,
Phone: (712) 355-2640, Email:,  Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (70-78)
Rice,Carlton R.
Robinson,George P. Jr.-----------Jacksonville NC
Rode,Allen G.
1-star Rodriguez, Alex----------- Deceased
Roscoe,Richard A.------------Beaver Creek OH
Ross, Daniel E., 902 Willow Bend Drive, Marlow, OK  73055, Phone: (580) 658-5975, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (72-75)
Sassman,Verne W.
Schaefer, Richard -------- Palm Harbor FL
Schrishuhn,Victor L. --------- Mount Pulaski IL
Schultz, Dale S -------- Minot ND
Schwindt,Dennis E.
Seago,Kenneth R.
Searlespratt,Richard J.
1-star Seppila, Jack A. - Deceased
Shadwell,Phillip C.
Sharpe,John W.
Shirley, William D ---------- Anderson SC
Simons,John G.
Skamel, Joseph P -------- Globe AZ
Smathers, David
Smicker, Thomas, Address: 520 E. Cherry Road, Quakertown PA 18951, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-65), Seymour-Johnson AFB (65-68)
Smith,  Elwood S. "Butch", 7508 Covedale Drive,  Orlando, FL 328818, Phone: (407) 595-9005’ Email:, Squadrons: Homestead AFB (59-62), Seymour Johnson AFB (62-66), Kincheloe AFB (66-68), Ramey AFB (68-71), Blytheville AFB (71-75)
Smith,James J.
Smith,Richard M.
Solberg,Linden F.
Sparks,Floyd W.
Stauffer,Richard G.
Stecher,William H.
Stellfox,Ronald L.-----------Fayetteville NC
Stephens,Charles A --------- Dunwoody GA
Stephenson,David H.
1-star Stiffler, Harold E.-----------Deceased
Streiff, David O. -----Antioch, TN
Storm.John E.
Surrett,Warren C-----------Tampa FL
Sylvester,Richard L.

Tantare, Richard E., 1655 NE Diablo Way, Bend, OR 97701, Phone: (541) 382-0577, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (60-62)
Tapp,Robert E.
Tate,Morris-----------Panama City FL
Taylor,Elwood E.
1-star Tenney, William F-----------Deceased
Thomas,Ronald L.
Trezepla, Ed
Triplett, Jerry E., 3114 Waterfront Drive, Chattanooga,  TN  37419, Phone (423) 821-4249, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (64-67)
1-star Tropp, Norman --- Deceased
Tubbs,Frederic M ---------- Goldsboro NC
Vaught,Charles J.
Vetoe, Louis --------- Tucson AZ
Vick,Roy L-----------Goldsboro NC
Walker,Thomas J.
Wallace,Alan K.
Ware, Raymond O
Washington,Ernest W
Werth,Donley A
White,Johnnie -------- Utica NY
White,Todd R.
Wilson, Arthur T. (Dean), 704 Pro Rodeo Dr. Spearfish, SD 57783, Phone: (605) 642-3878, Email:,  Squadron: Wright Patterson AFB (60-66), Seymour Johnson AFB (66-70). Minot AFB (70-74)
Wilson,Ronald L
Winders,Kenneth W.
Winfree,Gregory A----------Bossier City LA
Wingle,Earl F.
Withers,Harrison C. Jr.
Witt, Earl E ------------ Titusville FL
Wood.Charles H.
Wootton. Charles W., Address: 896 Blake Cove, Dyersburg TN. 38024, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (53-58), Seymore Johnson AFB  (58-62), Ramey AFB (62-65), Mather AFB (65-76)
Wyckoff,John D.
Zinn,Robert T.



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