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Walker AFB Memories

6th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron

6th BW/SAW

Squadron History

Time Line                      Factoid

1 Feb 1963               6th AMMS Activated

1966                        Commander Maj Horace Codling

25 Mar 1967             6th AMMS Deactivated

6th BW/SAW

The 100th AMMS was manned from other AMMS units, taking advantage of the fact that the number of Hound Dog squadrons was being reduced.  At the same time,  orphans’ from Mace,  Atlas, and other SAC programs were also brought on board.  After a training period, the 100th AMMS set up operating locations at Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam, and Danang AB, South Vietnam. The Kadena operation only lasted a few months in 1963/4. The first operational mission out of Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam took place on 20 August 1964. The facilities at Bien Hoa AB included hangar space for checkout and refurbishment of the drones after each flight, as well as space for build-up of replacements. The Bien Hoa AB operation included two DC-130A (later DC-130E) aircraft, each capable of carrying two drones, and usually eight or ten built-up drones. The operation at Danang AB was the recovery center after flight, and was the home of the ground-based command guidance trailer as well as the two CH-3 mid-air recovery helicopters. The drones were brought into Danang after recovery, post-flighted and re-hung on the DC-130 for return to Bien Hoa AB.  After several rocket hits on the DC-130s and the U-2s, the 100th AMMS moved the main operating base to U Tapao AB, Thailand in July of 1970. Not long afterward, the recovery operation moved from Danang AB to Nakon Phanom AB (NKP), Thailand. Operations continued at these sites until peace broke out, with the last operational flight taking place on 30 April, 1975. Missions flown in Viet Nam were under the nickname Buffalo Hunter, and included photo intelligence, electronic intelligence, and even, during Linebacker II, leaflet dropping. Over 3000 operational sorties were flown over the combat area.



6th AMMS - July 1963


Bottom Row L to R; W.Coffey, F.Montgomery, F.McVaugh, M.Eisenhut, E.Sorrels, B.Trafford, R.Appleby. C.Franco, D.D'Agostino, J. Cox, A.Serrano, D.Schmit, N.Hicks, R.Weedman, M.Timmerman, A.Georges,  J.Lombardo, C.Campbell, G.Sebeck, D.Powell, J.Royston, F.Cook, S.'Wheless.
Second Row L-R; K.Enyart, D.Shwadlenak, M.Matthews, LJohnson, C.Armstrong, L.Winston, J.Wilson, S. Hollenbeck, L.Eden, R.Carlson, T.Herren, C.Gollihur, R.Greene, R.Browning, G.Townsend, G.Cannon, J.Ribbach, L.Blanchard, J.Green,  J.Gruer, L.Peterson, J.Vasquez, R.Nielsen,. H.Kay, H.Brookman.
On Trailer; E. Battles, P.Farris.
On Missile; E.Alexander, R.Zimmerman, H.Edwards, D.Pasborg, S.Cawthorn, S.Anttila, R.Zakrajsek, F.Mies, J.Booth.

Memories to Remember



Our Flight Line at work.



Photos courtesy of: Phil Farris

A Phil Farris Hobby - Cushman Motor Scooters


6th AMMS Troops Today

Send me a recent photograph of yourself to be included in this photo gallery.  Click Here!


6th  AMMS Personnel Roster


Anttila,Samuel D
Appleby,Robert L
Armstrong,Clinton O
Baker,Edward L
Baldwin, Glenn R ----------Box Elder SD
Battles,Edgar W
Bentley,Lowell C
Billings, Larry N-----Bloomingdale, IL
Booth,Jonny T
Brookman,Harry P-----------Tacoma WA
Brown, Billy J---Decatur, AL
Browning,Ralph-----------Warner Robins GA
Browning,Robert L
Bulger, Morgan (Monte), 1095 Hidden Valley Lane, Silver City, NM, 88061, Phone: (575)534-4648, Email:, Squadron: Chanute AFB (59-66) Guidance Systems Analyst Instructor, Walker AFB FTD (61-65) Air Crew Instructor
1-star Bustos, Emilio -------- Deceased
Cannon,Glen E
Carney,John H --------- Boca Raton FL
Cawthon, Stephen R --------- Merritt Island FL
Clinard,Thomas M-----------Dunnellon FL
1-star Codling, Horace G ------- Deceased
Cook,Fred L
Cooper,Richard W
1-star Cordell, Jerry R ---------- Deceased
Crews,Walter R
Dagle,Neal P
Dagostino,Douglas A --------- Riverside CA
Day,Robert P
Densmore,Chester W
Dogette, Clatis A. -----------Summerville SC
Dougan,Robert J
Dudak,Michael A
Duminski,Henry A
Dutton, Glenn E., Address: 5250 Harlon Rd, Bastrop LA 71220, Phone: (318) 281-3048, Email:, Squadron: Walker AFB (62-65), Robins AFB (65-67), Minot AFB (69-71), Blytheville AFB (71-78)
Eden,Loyd T-----------Pineville LA
Edwards,Hugh K
Eisenhut, Morris W.---Tucson,AZ
1-star Enyart, Kenneth W --------- Deceased
Farris, Phillip L ---------- Lexington KY
Farris,Preston C.
1-starFranco, Charles W. --------- Deceased
Gallaher,Dennis O
Gardner,Richard L
Giannukos,Norman -------- New Paltz NY
Giere,George W ---------- Security CO
Gladin, Steven T., Address: 2030 SE 41st Way, CityStateZip: Trenton, Fl 32693-4600, Phone: 352-472-3064, Email:,  Squadron: Walker AFB (65-67), Homestead AFB (67-68)
Gollihur, Carl-----Shorewood, IL
Goodwin,Robert D
Grant, Gerald “Gerry”------Lubbock, TX
Green, Jamie S ---Lubbock, TX
Grossman,Gary G ---------- Holly Grove AR
Gruer, John (Jack) D., PO Box 632, Cornville, AZ 86325, Phone: (520) 789-5980, Email:, Squadron: Walker AFB
Hadeen, Norman K --------- Aurora, CO
Hanks,Charles F
Hansing,Curtis H -------- Marietta GA
Harvey,Phillip R ----------- Aztec NM
Hermetz,Robert J
1-star Hernandez, Daniel M ---------- Deceased
Hicks, Nelson C-----Palmdale, CA
Hoff, William V.----------Plano, TX
Huff,Orval S ---------- Indianapolis IN
Irven,Gerald A --------- Deceased
Jett,John E
Johnson,Linvel M
Kay, H
Keller,Richard L
Lehmann,Gary J
Mandolado,Benjamin T
Matthews,Marvin M ------ Colorado Springs CO
McPherson, Thomas E---Crown Point, IN
McVaugh, Francis K----Missoula, MT
Melland, Norman-----------Tuson AZ
Metzler, Robert "Bob" -------- Coral Gables FL
Miles,Francis J
Montgomery,Freddie L
Nielsen, Richard P---Crown Point, IN
Olmos, Joaquin --------- Mira Loma CA
Olson,Edwin C
Pasborg, Dennis J ---------- Tuscon AZ
Peach,William K
Penrose, Spencer K
Peterson,Leland M
Pollard,Robert G
Powell,Daniel F
1-star Ralph, George J ---------- Deceased
Reader,Richard L
Reed, Charles Scott, Address: 430 West Louis Way, Tempe, AZ 85284, Phone: 480-491-3862,Email:, Squadron: Chanute AFB 64-65), Walker AFB (65-67), Minot AFB (67-68)
Ribbach,John A-----------Roswell NM
Roper,Donald M
Roseman,Jerry P
Rozinski, Clarence J., 307 Scott St., La PorteE, IN 46350, Phone: N/A, Email: N9CJRAE@GMAIL.COM, Squadron: Walker AFB (61-64)
Rozinski,Clarence J
Schimel,Lawrence F
Schinke,Walter B
Schmidt,Douglas L
Schmit, D
Schneider,Charles L-----------Crystal MN
Scott,Elzie E
Sebeck,Geroge A
Shwadlenak, David L -------- Arlington TX
Simmons,Ronald E
Smith,Frank D
Sorrels,Earl F
Stankiewicz,Jose A
Stephens,Jerry N
Stradinger, Richard J.-----------Rapid City SD
Timmerman, Mark, 2111 Chapman Circle, Jamison, PA 18929, Phone: (215) 343-4267, Email:,  Squadrons: Walker AFB (63-66)
Townsend,Guy M -------- Oklahoma City OK
Trafford,Ben L-----------Warner Robins GA
Warzynski,James C----------Westfield WI
Weedman, Ralph D ------------ Titusville FL
Whelless, Sam------Bradley, SC
Willaford,Feliz D
Williams,James O
Williams,Paul D
Wilson,James E
1-star Winston, Lehman - Deceased
Winter,Tommy H
Witchley,Enoch A-----------Benbrook TX
Zakrajsek, Roger J ---------- Brecksville OH
Zimmerman,Richard J
Zumbrunnen,James B --------- Cedar Rapids IA

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