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Clinton Sherman AFB Memories

70th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron

4123rd SW

Squadron History

Time Line                                   Factoid

Nov 1961                     Assigned to 4123rd A&E as Gam Branch

1 Nov 1962                  Activated as 4123rd AMMS

1  Nov 1962                 1st C.O. LTC Russell Cobb

1 Feb 1963                   Redesiganated 70th AMMS

1 Feb 1963                   2nd C.O. LTC Raymond Wilson

31 Dec 1969                  70th AMMS Deactivated


4123rd SW


Our Contribution To Success
By: Jerry Barker

While going thru some old military stuff, I found this patch that we received at Clinton-Sherman AFB in 1964 after the wing won the Bombing Competition.    The consensus was that as we required precision inputs from AMS in the way of Velocity East and Velocity North as well as Range North and Range East, that the Bomb Nav system was required to perform with more accuracy to meet the Hound Dog requirements and avoid blinking A/N no go lights, which lead to helping them win the Bombing Competition.   

Do You Remember?

The Combined Systems Control Room - 1962  - Photos courtesy of: Ken Clymer

The hangar with the first Hound Dog in station # 1
for calibration - 1962 - Photos courtesy of: Ken Clymer







Is This a Clinton Sherman Tradition?


The men do the work...........

While the women play games......

Courtesy of: Jerry Barker

Do You Remember These?




As I recall the oval AMMS  patch was     worn on our hats. The 70th AMMS patch on our shirts and field jackets opposite the name tag.

 It seems to me that the C/S Team Chief  and Flight Line Team Chiefs got the master team chief patch just before the Master Technician Patch was authorized and then were no longer authorized to wear it.

I'm a bit hazy but it seems like we had   white coveralls or were they blue to wear with these and adorned them with a neck scarf when MSET or other dignitaries were present for a C/S run


Clinton Sherman AFB - A View of Okie Country

The Commander
Lt David Lynch

70th AMMS Troops Past & Present

Send me a copies of your photographs for inclusion in these photo galleries.  Click Here!


70th  AMMS Personnel Roster


NOTICE: The following format will be used on all  future updates to the website:  Last name, first name, middle initial, address, telephone number, email address (with a link to contact you), bases assigned to along with dates.   Individuals that are deceased will have a gold star placed in front of their names.  If there is any information that you do not want published with your listing, please indicate that when you submit your updates.

Abbott Jr., James M
Abell, James P. (Pat)----------Charlottesville VA
Anderson, Charles F
Andrews, Jefferson O
Armstrong, James T
Arrowwood, Wiley J., 580 South Allen Road, Flat Rock, NC 28726, Phone: (828) 243-4278, Email:, Squadrons: Loring AFB, Ramey AFB, Clinton Sherman AFB,  Wurtsmith AFB
1-star Bailey,James C----------Deceased
Balchunas, Anthony R
Barker, Jerald (Jerry), 1305 Lasso Lake Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648, Phone: (916) 408-3718, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (63-65), Grand Forks AFB (66-70), Beale AFB (70-75)
Barnak,John C --------- Bedminster NJ
Barnhill, Don E
Bennett, Frank S
Blanchard,William M-----------Guttenberg IA
Boeckman, Alvin J ------- Mokena IL
Caldera, Frank, 3736 Co. Rd. #130, Killen,  AL 35645, Phone: (256) 757-5755, Email: , Squadrons: Clinton Sherman AFB, (60-62), Wright Patterson AFB, (62-67), Barksdale AFB (67-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70-79)
1-star Carpenter,Gilbert-----------Deceased
1-star Casey, Donald L. - Deceased
Christ, Arthur D
Clymer, Kenneth R.--------Tucson AZ
Cobb, Russell V
Cooper, James G
Coulters, David L-------------Woodland ME
1-star Croft, Jesse L----------Deceased
Darby,Kenneth R----------- Joplin MO
Davis, George M.
Deason,Larry J-----------Paxton IL
Deihl,William-----------Melbourne FL
Denny, Gary V
Didier, Wayne C.-----------Diamondhead, MS
Dudley, Frank O
Dunlap, Thomas L.
Eden,Loyd-----------Pineville LA
1-star Edwards, Roger G ---Deceased
Elston,Nick-----------Pensocola FL
1-star Embrey, Wilburn G----Deceased
1-star Farnsworth, Clayton O -------- Deceased
Florenski, Robert S
Frank,David----------Joshua TX
George, Robert D-----------York NE
Gilbert,William G
1-star Glenn, Allen W - Deceased
Gompf,George H
Granchie, John Joseph, Address: 615 Como street, CityStateZip: Struthers, OH  44471, Phone: +1 (330) 750-1668, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (60-66)
Gray, Eloy I
1-star Gray,Royce E--------Deceased
Green,  Johnnie L
Gurick, Lamoine P
Hagar,James W-----------Columbus MS
Hagen,Jack L
Harden, John D
Harrell,Julian-----------Bonita Springs FL
Harris, Charles E
Hawkins, Walter L
Hayes,Gary L-----------Dayton OH
Hays, Julius W. ----Hudson, FL
1-star Heal, Lester F--------Deceased
Healey, James A
Henderson, Avery M---------- Durham NC
Hilderbrand,Herbert-----------Enid OK
Holder, Robert E
Horn, Billy H------------Casa Grande AZ
Ivey, John L
Jackson,Ira A
James, Richard L
Jones, Leroy D
Jones, Lured D
Jones, Raymond D
Jones, Wayne W
Klatt,Jerry W-----------Timberlake OH
Klepac Jr., Charles J.,11718 W 53rd St, Shawnee, KS. 66203-1417, Phone: (913) 485-7404, Email:, Squadron: Blythville AFB (58-62)
LaFramboise,Joseph-----------Beavercreek OH
Lambert, Terry A., Address: 39 Anna Brook Lane, Oxford, AL 36203, Phone: +1 (256) 831-1446, Email:, Squadron: Homestead AFB (63-66), Clinton-Sherman AFB (66-68), Wurtsmith AFB (68-69)
Lantz, Loyde D -------- Clinton OK
1-star Lawley, Weldon E - Deceased
Layva, Frank
Leeper, William E-----------West Jordan UT
Leinweber,Lawrence-----------Bradenton FL
Lewis, Leonard R-----------Gallatin TN
Liddendale,Kenneth L --------- Palmer TX
Light, Burnie G
Lindsey, Terry E
Lund, Albert A
Lynch, David
Maker, Kenneth C-----------Coventry, CT
Malcom,Donald R-----------Sheldon, MO
Maruniak, Charles W----Aurora, OH
Masters,Thomas B ---------- Taylor, TX
1-star Matlock, Robbie J ------- Deceased
McCormick, Charles F----------- Avon Park, FL
McElroy, Richard L --------- Phenix City, AL
Miller,Michael R-----------Palm Bay, FL
Miller, William G
Morris, Starkey-----------Chesapeke, VA
Morrison, Calvin M
New, Ernie L., Louisville, KY 40220, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Clinton-Sherman AFB (65-69)
Newcity, Thomas W
Newman,Jake L----------Boonville, NY
Olejniczak, Thomas J., Address: 6780 Northland Dr. NE, Rockford, MI  49341, Phone: (616) 884-6618, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB(67-68), Ramey AFB (68-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70)
Paris, William B., 13652 Amiot Dr., St. Lous, Phone: (314) 878-7955, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB

Parker, Winiford C
Patterson, Henry F
Payne, Elmer H
Peterson, Maxie J
1-star Phillips, Earl - Deceased
Phillips, James A
Pierce, Glen E
Pierce,Joseph F-----------Bellview NE
1-star Pierce, Shirley M--------Deceased
Price, Larry J
Proulx, George N----------Bay St Louis MS
Pruitt, Dee C----------Almgordo NM
Pruitt,Earl, 1603 Quail Run, Muskogee, OK 74403, Phone: (918) 577-7809, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB, Mather AFB, Ramey AFB, Beale AFB, Malmstrom AFB
Prust, James V
Rhoden, Avery - Clinton Sherman AFB (64-66), Chanute AFB (-68)
Rice,Phillip R
Ridgill III, Robert A------------Greer SC
Robertson,Patrick F
Robinson, Robert D
Rogers, Jimmy W
Ross, Charles M., 611 Winston Drive, Fairborn OH 45324, Phone: (937) 620-1850, Email:, Squadron: Turner AFB, Clinton Sherman (61-68)
Rowe,J ames F----------Lexington KY
Royce, Gary E.
Sale, Leonard H., 1001 Mustang Ct, Springtown, TX 76082, Phone: (817) 677-2860, Clinton Sherman AFB (67-68), Ramey AFB (68-70), Minot AFB (70-73)
Salzman, Robert D-----------Cabot AR
Severa, Amuel Tony, 1700 India Hook Rd, Apt 202, Rock Hill, SC 29732, Phone: (803) 324-3075, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (61-64) Travis AFB (64-68)  Wright Patterson AFB (68-69) Ramey AFB (69-71)
Seward, William C
Shanahan, Billy R., 3217 University Dr., Modesto, CA 95350, Phone: (209) 527-3209, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (63-68)
Shockley, Stephen F
Sholmire, David P., 5206 Kingsmill Road, Friendswood, TX 77546, Phone: (281) 482-0186, Email:, Squadron: Clinton-Sherman AFB (65-68)
Sites, Robert G., O Box 101, Leeton, MO 64761, Phone: (660) 653-4610, Email:, Squadrons: Loring AFB (60-61) Clinton Sherman AFB (61-66) Dow AFB (66-68) Fairchild AFB (68-70) Loring AFB (70-74)
Small, William A -------- Elgin IL
Smith, Ralph B.----Pickerington, OH
Strickland, Gerald T. -------Grandbury, TX
Strombush, Earl M.------Hawkinsville, GA
Tate,Morris-----------Panama City FL
Thomas,Calvin D
Thomas, Robert A
Tolbert, James T----------Shreveport LA
Tubbs,Jack-----------Eustis FL
Tuxen,Gunner-----------Bossier City LA
Vickery, Alan,  223 Poplar St., El Dorado, Kansas 67042, Phone: (316) 322-8418, Email:, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB (65-66), Clinton Sherman AFB (66-68)
Weber, James Dennis, PO Box 111, Arapaho, OK 73620, Phone: (580) 323-5687, Email: JIMDEE@ITLNET.NET, Clinton Sherman AFB, (61-64)
Wages, Fred P-----------Winter Haven FL
Waggoner, Robert J
Weaverling,Norman-----------San Antonio TX
Weber, James D
Welch, William W
Wells, Brian
White, Daniel M
Whittington, Carroll E-----------Annapolis MD
Wicklund, Edmund E -------- Marysville CA
Williams, Marvin W
Wilson,Raymond E --------- Denver CO
Woltosz,Walt----------Palmdale CA
Wooton, Joseph R-----------San Benito TX
Yost,Gerard-----------Ellwood City PA
Young, Robert H


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