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What?  Women in the Dog House!

Amn Inez Briley was the first WAF to graduate the 3ABR31630Q course at Chanute  Technical Training  Center on 16 October 1973.  She was assigned to 319th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron, Grand Forks AFB, N. Dakota


Most of the men that  worked on the Hound Dog missiles are unaware of the fact that three women were trained and worked on the missiles, 

Inez Briley was the first WAF to be trained on the Hound Dog missile.  The guys in her tech school class tormented her by reading Playboy magazines while setting next to her while she was studying electronic circuits.   They would also sneak ahead of her and unscrew the light bulbs ahead of her when she was going to the latrine.   She was assigned to Grand Forks AFB after leaving tech school.   She got frost bitten while wing walking a Hound Dog missile between facilities on her first day at Grand Forks.   The Air Force had fuzzy hats flew in by chopper from Minot for her.  She also encountered other problems while stationed a Grand Forks.   There wasn’t a female latrine facility in the AMMS Hanger, so Inez had to have some of the guys check out the latrine, kick people out, and guard the doors while she used the facility.  The smallest anhydrous ammonia servicing suit was size 13, and Inez’s head didn’t even stick out of the suit.  She exercised for weeks to develop the strength to operate the three foot torck wrenches that were used attaching the nose cone to the missile.  Inez pointed out that not all of the guys tormented her, Lloyd, Ron and Joey were very helpful.

Despite all of the problems Inez stuck it out , cross-trained in the SRAM program after leaving the Hound Dog program, and then the ALCM program.  She was awarded the Master Missileman’s Badge.   Inez left the Air Force in 1983 and presently works in computer security for Boeing in Seattle, Washington.

Wendy Percy and another WAF were in the last Hound Dog class that was taught at Chanute.  If any of you know the name of the other WAF of the location of Wendy, please drop me a line at:

Class Photo - Oct 1973

Inez Briley was the first WAF.  I am next to her on the left.  I was sent to Wurtsmith before it was shutdown.  She was scheduled to go there but swapped with me to Minot so she could marry her boyfriend Mark Muleniux.  The first person on the left in front is Joe Cota, next to him was Stubbs I can’t remember the first name.  Next to him is me Ron Hogue, then Inez Briley, then First name unknown last name Baker.  The first name unknown last name llyod. Paul "Duck" Lane is standing directly behind Inez Briley.   The only instructors I remember are Lane and Wallace  second and third from the right respectively.  Photograph courtesy of Ronald Hogue

The Last Hound Dog Class


This is the “Last Hound Dog Class.” 

Back Row L-R, Bill Henry, Ed Dombeck, Rafe Harrison, Chanute Commander- BG Frank Elliot, Richard Wallace, Ed Smith, William Miller and Training Squadron Commander.

Front L-R Lewis, Ramirez,  Albertson, , Steve Sandoval, Wendy Percy, Julie Woodland, Rhimes , Smith, and Unk.

The first name of the unidentified WAF is belived to be Julie.  She was stationed at Mather and had a boy friend nicknamed “Whit.”  Can you help identify her or the other troops in the front row? 

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